Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review: Dueba Celeb Brown (Angel EX Brown)

I'm here with a review for Dueba's Celeb Brown that were purchased from Pinky Paradise. Keep in mind that I paid these with my own money.

Remember to use my coupon code dtan0914 for free gifts with your order!
If you've been a long time reader of my blog you might remember that I was contemplating getting these lenses for a long time! It was between these and King Brown, but I actually ended up getting both pairs in the end :D These lenses came within 9 days after being shipped out, which is really quick considering most of my packages from that side of the world has been delayed due to the earthquakes in Japan.

A closeup on the detail of the lens while in the contact case, I think it looks so pretty!
One eye in, one eye out so you can see the enlargement. It looks a bit on the smaller side versus most 14.5mm lenses that I have, but it's fine because they aren't too extravagant!
A closeup of my eye so you can see the design (the lighting was very dark, sorry!)
Both eyes in, no makeup.
Both eyes in with makeup, harsh bathroom lighting.
Both eyes in with makeup, natural lighting.

- The color is great on me! The design is also quite pretty, reminds me a little bit of a more natural version of the popular Bambi series in a more brown-yellowish tone.
- Comfort level is GREAT! Wore these from 2pm-2am without any discomfort whatsoever. Remember it's not recommended to wear any type of contact lenses that long ^^;;
- I'm trying hard to find if there's anything really bad about these lenses but tbh, there isn't anything about it I don't like yet!

Here's a few more makeup pictures of me since the natural lighting was nice! I'm using my beloved Sephora Perfecting Cover Foundation~ Also for my lashes if you're curious I'm wearing Eyemazing 001 + Diamond Lash Koakuma eye on top with Jewerich no. 3 on the bottom :D


  1. Awww Your eyes look super kawaii >_<

  2. Looks so lovely!

    I LOVE Pinky Paradise. They are great with shipping and having everything in order. I also love Dueba's contact lenses! I have Angel EX Black ^^

  3. They look so great on you!! Gosh now I really want to get these...:D

  4. oh wow, i love those circle lenses on you.. and im so happy to read about the comfort level, that is first and foremost important to me because i have sensitive eyes.. im glad you could wear it comfortably from 2pm - 2am.. sometimes i wear lenses too long too, so im glad about it! and thanks for the coupon code, its about time i buy new lenses again...

  5. wow!! i love that lens!!!! i would want to try them some day! u looks really nice on you tho~

  6. @ Kiki Paul
    Thanks so much :D

    @ Mika
    I love them too, their service has been so quick for me and their selection is so good O_O We can be contact twinsies, just in different colors ^^

    @ l-article
    Thank you so much! They're really on the affordable side as well, only $19.90 :D

    @ Pinksugarichigo
    I have sensitive eyes as well for the most part, so comfort is huge for me too :D I really recommend Dueba lenses now since they're the most comfortable on me so far, with EOS lenses coming in 2nd IMO :D Also I appreciate that you'll be using my code! ^^

    @ Michi
    Thanks, I love them too! <3 The design and color are great but my favorite part was that they were only $19.90 :D

  7. Lovely lenses! They suit you very much :D

  8. Nice lenses, they really suit you and look very natural.