Wednesday, April 13, 2011

egg's Beauty '11 Spring: Petit Priced Cosmetics - プチプラ

Awhile ago I made another post relating to recession-friendly cosmetics for gals, and egg seems to continue on this trend with their newest Beauty catalog for Spring! Not only does it show you don't need brand name makeup to look this pretty, but that you don't have to spend too much on it as well! Romihi leads this article with rounding up all the other egg models and asking if they own any 100yen cosmetics, Maybelline or Canmake. After the article I'll post some other suggestions and other inexpensive Western brands that are picking up with gal models.

Romihi breaks down her products into 3 categories: 100 yen, Canmake and Maybelline products respectively. What I found interesting was her use of the Maybelline concealer as her highlighter, which is a way to use an item in multiple ways without having to buy any other products!
I love the way she cuts up the Daiso eyelashes! For her upper lashes she uses Daiso #9 as a base with Daiso #10 as an accent. Not to waste the Daiso #10's, she cuts them up and creates her own bottom eyelash! They almost look like a dupe for Diamond Lash Charming eye or Jewerich No. 3!
Yumachi, Romihi, Nemoyayo and Yunkoro showing off their favorite cheap cosmetics. I also agree with Yunkoro's pick for Maybelline Gel products (eye liner and eyebrow liner), I don't know how I could live without it!
Mirai, Gugu, Rina, Manya, Mihi and Haruchi showing off their picks along with egg model's top 3 picks for Canmake (in no particular order): Melty Nudy Lipstick, Powder Cheeks PW22 Pink Rose (PW20 is recommended as well) and Cover & Stretch Concealer UV. Rina seems to be the biggest fan of 100yen cosmetics and swears by them, the rest of the girls show off their favorite products from Maybelline or Canmake.
Ayaya, Azusa and Sakikkuma showing off their favorites. Ayaya seems to be another big fan of 100yen cosmetics, along with some from Canmake and Maybelline. Azusa is a big fan of Maybelline while Sakikkuma has a mix of 100yen, Canmake and Maybelline.
Minyatocchi, Anna, Mami, Kiyotamaru, Atan, Non and Harunyan showing off their favorite Canmake and Maybelline products. egg model's rate their top 3 Maybelline products, which are all mascaras: Volum Express Hyper Curl Spikey Comb Water Proof, The Colossal Volum Express and The Magnum Volum Express Super Film. They also show off Kanako and Kanya in the bottom and shame them for not owning any of these types of products ^^;;
Nanaho, Akusa, Erichosu and Riho Kate showing off their favorite Maybelline, Canmake and 100yen items. egg model's ranking for 100yen cosmetics follows: Eyeshadow, Blush and Lipgloss.

There are a ton of inexpensive Western brands that have been gaining a lot of attention from gals as well, but probably not listed in here due to the products being double the price in Japan than it would be in the Western world.

Popular brands with models: Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel, NYX
- Maybelline products are a staple to many gals! Their mascaras, gel liner, Mineral Power line (Pure Mineral in Japan), and lipsticks are a must need. Even the new line of face makeup in the US (Fit me!) is gaining popularity under the name Angel Fit.
- Revlon is popular with gals for their foundation, mainly from their ColorStay and PhotoReady lines. Their lipglosses also seem popular as well.
- Rimmel's exclusive Japanese products are popular, probably due to Ayumi Hamasaki being one of their main models. You'll see a lot of models using their eyeshadows, lip concealer (a favorite of mine as well!) and nude lip plumping gloss.
- NYX has a wide range of products in the Western world, but they also produce Ranzuki model Nicole Abe's line of eyelashes in Japan called Princess Tiara. I made a post about it previously here. Their Candy Glitter liner, eyeshadows and blushes are extremely popular with gals. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, including a rare orange shade called Cinnamon that not many Western brands would even consider producing! They also have a Contour + Highlight liquid makeup set that I swear by as well!

Gaining popularity with models: LA Girl, BYS, LA Colors (these brands have been being featured in gal magazines recently)
- LA Girl (along with LA Colors) have been brands that I always associated with dollar stores, because that's where I mainly see them at! In the newest issue of egg they feature many LA Girl lipglosses and lipsticks, along with a few eyeshadows as well. LA Colors was featured for their eyeshadow palettes as one of the model's favorite items at the moment.
- BYS Cosmetics is based in Australia but is also sold in Europe as well (sorry Americans, not available for us!). They were featured in the same issue of egg along with LA Girl and LA Colors cosmetics and also have been in the newest issue of ageha as well. Their lipstick colors are very pretty and what they've been featured for.

Here's my recommendations of other brands: Covergirl, Milani, New York Color, wet N wild, Palladio

Now that I spilled the information about egg model's and my own personal favorite cheap cosmetic brands, how about you? What do you like?


  1. Nice entry! It was really interesting to see the models' choices.
    Personally I'm recently in love with NYX products especially the eyeshadows and glitter palettes of course. But Maybelline I couldn't live without. Using their mineral series BB base

  2. I love this post!! I'm so happy to read about inexpensive cosmetics. I feel ghetto when I buy NYX brand stuff but I'm happy that it's accepted amongst the models. I have a few of their blushes, including the Cinnamon (a.k.a. orange) color you mentioned!

    With the exception of foundation/concealer/powder, I try not to spend $$$ on makeup. I usually buy drugstore brands--except CoverGirl, I hear that they are particularly cruel to animals, even moreso than Revlon, Maybelline, etc.

  3. I dont always bother with Egg beauty
    But I think I will! This issue looks really great! :D
    Thanks for sharing or I'd have never known

  4. @ a-g-u
    Yeah, I love seeing what models use for their makeup, and seeing these types of articles show that they are normal people! lol
    The NYX eye shadows are really nice, I know Romihi uses them pretty exclusively and I love their loose eye shadow pigments (much cheaper than the normal eye shadow)!

    How is the Maybelline BB series? I've always been so interested in it, especially the Mineral Mousse!

    @ bouncybrown
    You shouldn't have to feel so ghetto for buying NYX, especially because they're sold at Ulta stores~ Cinnamon is also a good dupe for the Japanese orange blushes so you don't have to spend an arm and a leg for them if you go for the NYX one :D Plus there are models that still use them as well!

    I never knew that about Covergirl now (only use their mascara), but I will definitely boycott them now. I hate companies that do animal testing :(

    @ Samispoon
    This particular issue is pretty cute and helpful, but I did like the fall one as well :D and no problem for sharing, there's a few more pages I'll be sharing in the next few days (after my exams this remaining part of the week!)

  5. Not quite my style of makeup, but it's nice all of the products they use, especially the cheaper ones and stuff we can easily buy here in the USA XD I really wish that they had the Maybelline BB cream here though. I really want to try it!! I've recently been buying a lot more Maybelline products, normally I just buy Mac.

    I also wish I could find an eyebrow mascara here. The only ones I've seen is for people who want thicker eyebrows, not just a temporary dye.

  6. @ clairparfait
    I love seeing what they use as well, and then laugh at them because we can get them for cheaper here! :P

    For the Maybelline BB cream and eyebrow mascara you can buy them from and they're fairly inexpensive :D

  7. I LOVE THIS TREND! Its so nice to see Gals wearing makeup you can pick up at your local drug store or Ulta.

    I am IN LOVE with NYX, if its good enough for Drag Queens you know its good enough for Gals.

    Have you tried Elf? I'm hoping it will catch on with models as well, its so cheap but most of it is awesome quality.

    Thanks for the scans!

  8. Yay drugstore cosmetics!! :D I pretty much live on these since I'm cheap haha Sometimes when I watch other makeup gurus/blogs, I really wonder with all the brand makeup they have how much money have they spent on all of it!!? That's so much!! I mean, cheap doesn't necessarily mean that the quality is bad all the time...I really do love NYX and Maybelline~ I'm also a big user of Revlon, New York Color and wet N wild. :3

  9. Wow, what a great entry! I definitely will be looking back to find such great gal items and also to save money!

    Romihi is just too cute!

  10. I love this post! I laways enjoy reading all the tiny print under photos in beauty pages, lolol :DDDDDD Canmake has some really great chaep products :D

  11. Wow!!! Thanks for posting!! Romihi's eyelash idea was so cool!! I will try that eyelash!~ good thing I aready have that daiso eyelash hihi!~ Thank you for posting!! <3

  12. Maybelline and NYX, I'd be fine if that's all there was to choose from in the world haha! Well I agree, revlon has better foundation. The FitMe might be good, haven't tried it yet...

    Anyway, loved this post, lots of great little tidbits. Cheap makeup doesn't have to be crappy, just have to find the good stuff out there^^

  13. Aww man, where'd you get this issue? I've been looking for it but they didn't have it at Sanseido and Kino. T_T Thanks for some of the scans though! <3

  14. @ PeachPixie
    I'm glad drag queens use NYX, that stuff is so good!

    I've tried ELF and I'm a fan of their lipglosses, not so much their mineral makeup though :( I gave my friends in Japan a bunch of ELF stuff awhile ago and they all enjoyed it, but I don't think they can get it otherwise :(

    @ l-article
    For some things I prefer brand name products (base makeup mostly), but NYX and Maybelline have amazing quality stuff! I know I definitely don't want to know how much I've spent on makeup total :x

    @ Mika-chan
    I'm so glad Romihi likes to do these types of articles, she makes a great inspiration for all gals!

    @ Magdalena
    I love reading the text as well, they're always pretty interesting :D I enjoy all the Canmake I have so far, it's just too bad that they are resold internationally for so much :'(
    I also hate the size of their foundations! I always feel like I'm going to run out quickly or something lol

    @ Jendee
    I thought Romihi's idea for the eyelashes was so unique, especially with creating the bottom eyelashes! Daiso lashes are good now that I know how versatile they are :D

    @ Sara Mari
    I didn't like the Fit me! foundation too much when I tried it (they had samples in allure a month or 2 ago) because it didn't provide enough coverage, but I love their gel eyeliner so much!

    @ Dolly
    I got the last one at Sanseido, sorry bb!! They sold out quick too, but usually you can find more back issues at the Kinokuniya in Little Tokyo if that helps :) That's where I got my fall issue!

  15. Thanks for this! Very helpful esp here and in places where we can't buy gal brands >.<

    Im a new follower by the way :D

  16. Oh i have the maybelline concealer too and it works great! Can't wait to try it as a highlighter!

  17. Thank you for posting this. I was trying to figure out what cover this is so I googled it. =)