Diamond Lash Custom Packs

I thought I would make this a page instead of a post, which is found here. All information will be posted on here from now on! Updated: 6/5/13

Note: Due to my busy schedule I can't update the quantity of each style available, so please e-mail me directly at dominique.q.dinh at gmail dot com to inquire about them. 
Please state what styles you want, how many of each pair you want, and what country you are located in.
Read the rules below for what to know when ordering!

Will you be at Anime Expo 2013? Save money on shipping by doing local pickup! Custom packs ordered before the con will be available for pick up on the 4th and 5th!

- Each pair of lashes cost $3.50 each ($17.50 per pack of 5 and shipping is extra)
- You need to order a minimum of 3 pairs.
- You can order a maximum of 2 pairs of one style.
- I will reuse an original Diamond Lash pack and will sanitize them before I put them in.
- *DO NOT ASK ABOUT OTHER BRANDS OF LASHES, I WILL IGNORE YOUR E-MAIL.* This might be perceived as rude on my part, but I don't like getting e-mails of orders straight up asking for brands of lashes that I might not even own or don't want to sell.
- Lashes listed as "Temporarily out of stock" will be replenished in the near future. Those listed as "SOLD OUT" will not be replenished due to being discontinued or hard to obtain.

- Shipping in the US is $2.50 for up to 2 packs and then $1 for each pack after.
- Shipping overseas is $7 for 1-2 packs and $10 for 3-5 packs, Registered Mail available for $12.95 extra.

- Gorgeous eye
- Fairy eye
- Dolly eye
- Lovely eye
- Nudy eye
- Koakuma eye (accent lash)

- Glamorous eye
- Angel eye
- Cats eye
- Natural eye
- Princess eye
- Sweet eye

- Sexy eye
- Rich eye
- Celeb eye
- Cute eye
- Charming eye
- Cool eye

- Girly eye
- Beauty eye
- French eye
- Feminine eye
- Baby eye
- Model eye

- Wink eye
- Airy eye
- Secret eye
- Romance eye
- Muse eye
- Honey eye

- Diamond eye SOLD OUT

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