Thursday, January 13, 2011

[Sales Post] Build your own Diamond Lash packs! *NOTE*

Please go to the new permanent page for these custom eyelashes!

For those of you who remember my 50 follower giveaway, I decided to give girls the chance to buy their own customized Diamond Lash packs! This is a good way to sample lashes before buying the full packs or just being able to try a bunch of them~

Note: Due to my busy schedule I can't update the quantity of each style available, so please e-mail me directly at dominique.q.dinh at gmail dot com to inquire about them. 
Please state what styles you want, how many of each pair you want, and what country you are located in.
Read the rules below for what to know when ordering!

- Each pair of lashes cost $3.50 each ($17.50 per pack of 5 and shipping is extra)
- You need to order a minimum of 3 pairs.
- You can order a maximum of 2 pairs of one style. Diamond eye is extremely limited, so only 1 pair can be ordered at a time.
- I will reuse an original Diamond Lash pack and will sanitize them before I put them in.
- *DO NOT ASK ABOUT OTHER BRANDS OF LASHES, I WILL IGNORE YOUR E-MAIL.* This might be perceived as rude on my part, but I don't like getting e-mails of orders straight up asking for brands of lashes that I might not even own or don't want to sell.
- Lashes listed as "Temporarily out of stock" will be replenished in the near future. Those listed as "SOLD OUT" will not be replenished due to being discontinued or hard to obtain.

- Shipping in the US is $2.50 for up to 2 packs and then .50 cents for each pack after
- Shipping overseas is $4 for 1-2 packs and $5 for 3-5 packs

- Gorgeous eye
- Fairy eye
- Dolly eye
- Lovely eye
- Nudy eye
- Koakuma eye (accent lash)

- Glamorous eye
- Angel eye
- Cats eye
- Natural eye
- Princess eye
- Sweet eye

- Sexy eye
- Rich eye
- Celeb eye
- Cute eye
- Charming eye
- Cool eye, limited quantities

- Girly eye
- Beauty eye, limited quantities
- French eye
- Feminine eye
- Baby eye
- Model eye

- Diamond eye SOLD OUT

- Lisha's video review on YouTube!
- Lolo's review on each individual style ordered
- Jojo's review on the service and on Diamond eye and Decorative Eyelash PLAYGIRL Play Sexy No. 5


  1. Hello! I wanted to order Diamond Lashes from you before, but they were not in stock. If you can buy them in a local store, do you mind if I ask you for a cutom shopping at the store?
    Please write to me @ magda.lipska - it's easier to keep track of the conversation there.
    Thank you!:D

  2. Hi! I wanna order all of the celeb(2prs) and sexy eye lashes(3prs). I live in Canada so shipping fee is 3 dollars.My paypal email is =)
    Thanks i finally found the lashes i was looking for!!!

  3. Can I have your Glamourous lashes x2 and Princess x1 please?

  4. A pooey, I was too slow. :( If you still have any of the Princess/Glamorous eye, please let me know. That's the series I've been dying to try. T_T

    But for now I'd like to try...
    - Beauty eye: 1 pair
    - Baby eye: 1 pair
    - Model eye: 1 pair

    Thanks for offering this sale! <3

  5. Wheeere do you get these lashes? Hahaha, I would also love to know if you bought them from a local store 「That way I can put them in my list when I go on shopping trips」

  6. OOOohhh yaaay~!!! And I finally have moneys lol :D
    Can I get Morigyaru eye: 1 pairs, Lovely eye: 2 pairs, Natural eye: 2 pairs, Cute eye: 2 pairs, Charming eye: 1 pair, and Feminine eye: 2 pairs.
    Shipping to US. paypal email: anhule1101 [@]

    Thanks so much for this awesome sales post!!

  7. All invoices and e-mails were sent!

    @ Mei
    The only place I know of where Diamond Lash are available locally are at Marukai stores (first series only). The one in Gardena next to Book Off was the last one that got them back in stock, so it's hit or miss since they sell out quickly~

  8. Ah...I changed my shipping address to my work address and it was unconfirmed. I'm pretty sure the transaction went through, but if it cancels somehow I'll send it back! Sorry!! >.<

  9. Wow that's near Torrance, right? I'm usually either in Azusa or Rowland, so that's pretty far.

    Well, there's a Marukai maybe 15 minutes from me, I'll go check there.

    Thanks so much, luv! ❤

  10. awww too bad i was too late, i really want to try the celeb and glamorous eye.. ;_;

  11. Me again :D

    I would like: 1 pair of Model eye, 1 pair of Nudy eye, 1 pair of Beauty eye and 1 pair of Morigyaru eye :)

    I hope you still have these! Invoice to:

  12. @ Mei
    Yeah, near Torrance! I know for sure the Costa Mesa one is pretty much out of stock which is why I was letting you know about the Gardena one :D Good luck in finding them!

    @ Pinksugarichigo
    Keep checking in the future because I'll be getting more soon :)

    @ Lyn
    Invoiced! Let me know if you've received the other package as well since I shipped it yesterday~

  13. I just sent payment :) I'm thinking i'll probably get it tomorrow since you are only a state away but, I will def let you know and leave a review!

  14. actually can i order the baby eye, model eye, morigyaru eye for now :) let me know when you get the celeb lashes again ;)

  15. Everyone's orders except for Samispoon + Pinksugarichigo were sent on Friday, the other 2 ladies will be sent tomorrow on Tuesday!

  16. I got the package! Thank you so much!!! I'm in love with the lashes.

  17. I've got my lashes last weekend, they are wonderful! Thank you! :D

  18. I got my package too!!! They're so so pretty X) Thanks a lot!!!

  19. 3nudy eyes please!!

    next time you have any model eye lashes,please let me know!!!

  20. @ Lisha
    I've got full packs of the Nudy eye by itself (5 pairs) that's $16 with shipping included if that's a better deal for you :D Also you should wait to do custom packs until I get the entire purple series in~ Which you can view here:, and they're all very nice *_*

  21. Ah cool! Ill do the 5 nudies.
    Are u just going to do the ladies glam. series? I like the fem.and model eye from the pure series though lol.

  22. @ Lisha
    I sent the invoice to you~ I'm only getting in the Ladies Glamorous series because the 2 new series are a lot more expensive and also sold out :/

  23. ok :( im excited to get my new lashes though!!!

  24. @ Lisha
    I'm excited for you to receive them, which should be by Thursday or Friday! I think they'll look great on you and they're super customizable :D

  25. Yay! :D

    - Glamorous eye: 1 pairs
    - Angel eye: 2 pairs
    - Princess eye: 2 pairs

    Been stalking your blog for this. LOL :3

  26. Can i get?
    -2 pairs Glamorous
    - 2 pairs Angel

  27. 1 Morigyaru eye
    1 Princess eye
    1 Girly eye

    thanks! ^^

  28. If it is still available, I would like to get
    1 Lovely eyes,
    1 Glamourous eyes
    1 Natural eyes

    camelia (at) live (dot) ca

    I come from Canada :3

  29. I forgot to tell you, I received the lashes! ^^ Thanks again as always! If there's anywhere you want me to leave feedback or something, let me know. :D

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  31. Hi,
    Do you still have
    1 glamorous eyes
    1 princess eyes
    and 1 dolly eyes in stock?
    I live in france and here is my paypal:

  32. Invoices sent and pairs available updated!

    shipped to the u.s. how much is that altogether
    1 of each of these please :)
    - Glamorous eye
    - Cats eye
    - Princess eye
    - Sweet eye

  34. Shipped to the U.S. how much would it cost for:
    ~ 1 sweet eye
    ~ 1 Princess Eye
    ~ 1 Cats Eye

    Thanks! (*^_^*)

  35. hey dear, is possible to order the ones out of stock or not?
    please contact me at penelope _ delonge @ hotmail . com

    thank you!

  36. Hi bloomzy mentioned that you might be the person who could help me find nature is lovely lashes s2 and s1,i know himestyle used to sell them but now i can't find them online at all:( Do you happen to know anywhere that sells them online ?:)
    thank you

  37. @ Alanna
    The person who used to get the Nature is lovely lashes for me in Japan was forced home due to the earthquakes, so it's not possible for me to get them.

    HOWEVER... you can find the same lashes under a different brand (ricoAng) here: and they ship internationally!

  38. Pls Email Me
    Thx :D

  39. Really interested! I find some similar styles in stores near me but nothing good enough~! Im not sure what suites my eyes. How do you take payment? And are the ones on the bottom of pictured packs for lower lash? are they full strip? thanks :)

  40. hey dtan! i wanted to say that i am sohappy i got those lashes from you! and i want more!!
    i want another 5pack~
    princess 3#
    nudy 1#
    i hope those are still available!

    i also hope its not bad timing or anything~

    *1 glamorous eye
    *1 princess eye
    *1 cats eye

    thank you D-tan!!! =D

  42. Hi D-tan!

    I was wondering if you had any full Dolly packs? I saw them in the other sales post. If you do, I'd very much like to order one.

    Either way, I'd like to order (with or without the Dolly):
    1 Nudy
    1 Princess
    1 Natural
    1 Glamorous
    1 Cats

    Invoice to: shes_so_talented25 @ comcast. net

    Thank you〜 ☆

  43. Got the invoice, and I'm all paid up now. Gan't wait! >w<

  44. @ Sakura
    I mostly have lashes from the 2nd series (purple trays) available left :D

  45. @ Sakura
    Let me know which ones you want to make a pack! Remember for each style of eyelash there's a 2 pair maximum, so you can try more :)

    I am also able to pick up full packs of the 2nd series as well (except for Glamorous eye), which would be $16.50 with shipping included.

  46. Hey! Are you still doing these packs? I would love to get: 1 Angel eye, 1 Cat eye, and 1 Princess (lower lash) eye

    Paypal ~

  47. I sent the payment but, I wanted to make sure you got it :) My computer had a glitch when I was submitting the payment.

  48. I would like to buy these lashes

    Koakuma eye 1 pair
    Glamorous eye one pair
    princess 2 pair
    model eye one pair
    diamond eye 2 pair

    my paypal email is

    thank you~

  49. I would like to buy these if its still possible :

    diamond eye 2 pair
    princess eye 2 pair

    hope to hear from you soon~

  50. Hey again!

    I would like to buy some lashes, again, lol!

    2 pairs of Diamond Eye
    1 pair of Cat Eye
    1 Koakuma Eye (I really liked this one btw!)
    1 Charming eye

    1. Hey! I didn't know if you got this comment or if the lashes are available still?

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. I couldn't get your email to work Dx I hope you don't mind me requesting this here too much
    I'd like to order a pack of Cat's Eye, Glamorous Eye, Celeb Eye, Lovely Eye, and Charming Eye
    My gmail is ( iyo3469@gmail ) <3
    I'd also like to know about how long shipping to California takes? <3