Friday, January 14, 2011

Disco NRG Meet!

How's everyone going? I'm glad you guys are responding so well to my Diamond Lash sales! I will be trying to get more in soon of the Ladies Glamorous Series since those were the ones that sold out the quickest~

I was so busy last week because I had friends from Disco NRG coming to stay at my house for an extended weekend~ I guess I'll talk about it a bit and show some photos!

Tony and Coleman wearing matching toddland TV dad sweaters and Jason being chopstick walruses. 
On Thursday Jason, Coleman and Maggie arrived from NYC and Dallas and all we really did that day was eat at Roscoes Chicken and Waffles for lunch, Louks to Go for dinner and Tokyo Table for late night drinks and dessert. We hung around my house and set up lights and danced ParaPara to Super Eurobeat 210. We slept early because we were going to be going to Disneyland the next day~

Friday we went to Disneyland and met up with Jim and Bree there :D I usually only go for a few hours since I have an annual passport but we ended up staying the whole day (12 hours!!) since we had people from out of town.
I couldn't find my Marie hat at home so we went to one of the Disney shops in Tomorrowland after Space Mountain to get some Disney gear~
Jim and I with our new Disney headwear~
Destroying Jim on Astroblasters!

Later in the night we went to elecTRONica since it was one of the main things they wanted to see. We got drinks and did some drunken dancing!
L to R: Me, Tony, Maggie, Coleman, Bree (top) Jim, Jason (bottom)

Saturday we spent up in the LA area, showing them around the touristy stuff at Hollywood/Highland, getting lost and missing stores in Beverly Hills, going shopping at Amoeba and later going to Top Chef Season 2 Winner Ilan Hall's restaurant The Gorbals. 
The touristy stuff wasn't so fun because it's kind of obnoxious there, but we wanted them to see it so they can see why we hate LA :P Jason wanted to go to the Barney's department store in Beverly Hills (since he works at the one in NYC) but we got there when it just closed and rude Beverly Hills women were rude :/
We didn't have too much time at Amoeba since we had a late night reservation for The Gorbals, but I picked up a few things and we sped off to downtown LA~ The Gorbals was AMAZING and I will be making a post about it in the future! After eating there we realized how ghetto the area got after going down one block, we hit skid row but everyone enjoyed seeing it :P

Sunday was spent shopping in Little Tokyo, eating ramen at my beloved Foo Foo Tei and going to Round 1 and Arcade Infinity.
Maggie and I had a lot of fun shopping, we both got clothes and NYX makeup from boutiques along with magazines at Kinokuniya. I'm kind of trying to get her back into gyaru (she used to be in Bulaklak Tribe) with mode style and she seems to like it so she picked Edge Style magazine~
We headed to Foo Foo Tei since we knew we were going to have to wait, and we waited over an hour!! But it was okay because we witnessed a car accident and had really good food. Everyone thought the food was really good and they even commented that the ramen and gyoza were better than what they had in Japan, which is definitely a compliment!
Round 1 was next, and we played some games and took purikura of course :D

After we went to Arcade Inifinity, because it was originally going to be closing this week (but it got saved!). We played some ParaPara Paradise and IIDX and went home~

We all stayed up too late and then we took Maggie and Coleman to the airport the next morning. Jason stayed for an extra day so we went to Book Off and Marukai on the way home and then he met up with one of his former co-workers so I could take a nap since I barely had sleep :D He had to change his flight because his original flight home was canceled and he spent a large portion of the night trying to call the airline to get his money back/put him on another flight but it took them 2 HOURS to get back to him! By that time he already booked another flight with a different airline so that was kind of stupid. But nonetheless he made it home and I enjoyed everyone's company!


  1. Wow looks like you all had a super fun time!! I want a sparkly Minnie Mouse headband too!! It's so pretty!! And you are soo adorable in those purikura pics~ :D Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Aww looks like you guys had an awesome weekend! Everyone looks cute in their Disney gear. I haven't been there in TOO LONG and I only live like 10 minutes away. </3