Sunday, January 16, 2011

AI Gathering

One of the local Southern California arcades, Arcade Infinity, was originally going to have its last operational day tonight but the plaza decided to save them due to the overwhelming response online from the gaming community. As a local who has been going to the arcade since it opened, I went to see faces I hadn't seen in awhile but also just to hang out with everyone.

Another plus was I received new contacts today from Pinky Paradise, Barbie King Size Pink and Barbie Gossip Grey. I'm not sponsored by them at all and just bought them with my own money~

I was fiddling around with makeup a bit too much so my hair and outfit were kind of simple~

 Head shot!
Closeup on my eye, and you can see how the Gossip Grey lenses look on me! I really recommend them because they were very comfortable and putting in eyedrops once in each eye kept them nice~ I have astigmatism and these felt very good and my vision was still okay!
I layered 2 eyelashes on top (Diamond Lash Morigyaru and Celeb eyes) with Feminine eye on bottom. I really liked how they looked together :D I'll try doing it more often~

Image stabilization, what's that? The lighting in my room sucks though tbh, so that's why they're blurry :P
Jacket: Wet Seal
Top: Wet Seal
Skirt: Mimmin
Boots: Torrid

and 3 pics from the meetup, Tony's pictures didn't turn out too well :(


  1. OMG I JUST came home from Diamond Plaza!!!! Haha!!!

  2. Love the lenses, you look FAB as always!! That shirt is super cute!

  3. @ Mei
    I'm sorry I just missed you then! :( I went early because I knew parking would be awful there >_<

    @ Samispoon
    Thank you bb :) I got your payment btw, and I'll ship out your lashes tomorrow :D

    @ PeachPixie
    Thanks as always ;)

  4. Oh wow, I just got the Gossip Grey lenses too! Haha! Unfortunately, I was really disappointed in them for myself :\ But they look nice on you. Fits your eye shape well and you have a nice halo. Looks alright on me x3

    And I've owned the Barbie King Size Pink for awhile, I love them!

  5. @ Lorina
    Thank you for the comments about the lenses! At first the lenses looked weird to me but once I got used to them I really liked them :D