Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Friend's birthday!

Today is not only 1/11/11 but was also my friend Heather's 21st birthday! It was great going because I hung out with friends from high school that I haven't seen in awhile :)

I forgot to take makeup/outfit shots through out the Disco NRG meet, but I did remember today! My boyfriend got a new lens for his SLR (the previous one broke) so the pictures are much better quality for the most part~

 My makeup for the day~
 Another angle so you can see my hair better. I just poofed it up a bit since I didn't have time to curl it T_T
 Closeup on my eye if you are interested~ I'm wearing Diamond Lash Angel eye on top and natural on bottom. I've also been using the Dolly Wink Liquid liner recently, it's amazing and well worth the money!
 My outfit with my coat on. I cleaned my room so I can use my full length mirrors! lol
Without the coat on so you can see the sleeves of the top :) It's from Guri & Gura's collection on Yumetenbo.

Also I guess I'll write a little thing in here about all the hate that's been happening lately. It sucks but we can't let it get to us, they're faceless and us people that are posting aren't. They have really unrealistic expectations for what they perceive as the style, but tbh you can't really know 100% unless you've been to Japan or live there. Also with many girls overseas that think they have to follow magazines 100% of the time, but it's really just a tool and suggestions for you to do. I've seen so much bad stuff that gyaru publish in magazines (eyelashes too far from the eye or directly putting eyelash glue onto your eyelid, all of these things are no no's!!), so you also need to be creative and be/think for yourself while doing the style.

It's also weird when people think that I'm self-posting myself. It is so hard to believe that someone posted something POSITIVE about me? Also to whoever made that secret, thanks very much and keep reading my blog :D


  1. You are fabulous, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise! And yes, I have to agree with the magazines as there just for guidelines. I really don't understand why people are so catty (°_。) I mean, do you really take pleasure in publicly bringing other people down? Anonymously even?

    The cattiness in the community is one of the reasons why I'm just staying away from the online gal community. People just don't really love on other people (*゜―゜).. we seriously need more love to go around.

    I'm glad you're staying positive, rational, and mature in all of this. ❤ Stay beautifuuull~! ☆

  2. Err... btw, I love guri x gura clothing and that top is just too cute. I waant (>∇<;)

  3. I love your hair and makeup! And your outfits are always super fab! :3 Sucks that there are always haters out there! >:[ Good for you for staying positive and not letting them get to you! You are a beautiful person on the inside and out! No one can tell you otherwise. :]

  4. You're so beautiful, I wish I had your eyes! :) And, that skirt is SUPER cute! Stay strong, don't let others bring you down! ❤

  5. Your makeup looks really pretty! The lashes look really good on you too. I keep hearing a lot of good things about the Dollywink liner; can't wait to try it :)