Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Years Party at OC Fairgrounds

Since I was gone for a week+ from the blogging world I have to catch up now with other posts :3 I went to the OC New Years Block Party at the OC Fairgrounds for New Years with Tony of course~

I bought VIP for this event because I remember hearing good reviews about doing VIP at the OC Foodie Fest last summer. It wasn't really worth it tbh because the lines for the food trucks weren't as long as they were at the other event plus the food trucks had to raise their prices by a ton. DNW!
We got a free hour of Adult Chocolate Milk which didn't taste very good because they put too much alcohol in it. You need a good balance of milk to alcohol for it to taste good and it was pretty yucky!
There was a fake purikura machine that was on free play though! You couldn't draw on it though because they wanted to be cheap (there was one of those pens showing you could usually :[ )
After taking them the first time around. People were laughing at us because we were doing weird poses~

 We were told that the food trucks were going to open early for us VIP since we paid to enter an hour early.
 The food trucks that supplied free appetizers to us in the VIP lounge were moving to the main area~
This is an LA food truck called Streets of Thailand that I wanted to try. Unlike what the VIP lounge told us, NONE of the trucks were open early! They all opened at 8pm, which was when general admission was allowed in.

The food we got: Pad Thai plus 2 Thai Ice Teas. The pad thai noodles were on the clear and white side, which isn't a very good sign (it's supposed to be more red since it picks up the color of the sauce during cooking). The food wasn't very good and even Thai Spice is better, which isn't a compliment. Overpriced and lack of quality is saddening. The Thai Ice Teas didn't have enough condensed milk in it, giving it a very bitter taste.
 Free Monsters we received from the VIP lounge. We're not big fans of them, but it came in handy during the Disco NRG meet :P
My sad looking face because I was disappointed with how the event was being run.
Tony stacking the Monsters.
My outfit for the night. I had done my hair as well but it fell before the night was over :( Also sometime during the night something stained the camera lens and wouldn't come off :(
Watching white people dancing in the Millennium Club. I didn't enjoy listening to the same Katy Perry song 10x in the span of a few hours.
Another LA food truck, Shrimp Pimp. Unlike all the other trucks, this truck chose to keep their original menu and to not hike up the prices like crazy!
I paid $7.50 for this Shrimp Po'Boy sandwich.
Was the sandwich worth it? Hell yeah! The shrimps were plentiful and really big, making this the best value of the night!

Overall the experience of this party was negative, Tony and I left immediately after seeing drunken douche bags being rude to their girlfriends. It was a sign that we needed to leave before the event was over so we could escape before drunk drivers went on the road.

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