Friday, January 21, 2011

Wearing Barbie King Size Circle Pink lenses and deciding my next pair~

I wore out my pair of King Size Circle Pink today at school and this is what it looked~ (sorry for the BB pic, camera is MIA right now T_T)
No outfit picture because I wore something pretty casual since most of my laundry is being washed :( I really liked the lenses though, very comfortable with very little irritation while wearing them from 6:20am-9:30pm. It is a long time to wear lenses (it's only recommended to wear them for about 8 hours max) but as long as you make sure your eyes don't dry out and you clean them properly it should be okay :P

On a related note, I go to a Christian university and I don't want to scare people away with my pink or gray lenses! I was thinking about investing in a pair of brown lenses, and have decided one of the two:
Dueba Angel EX Brown

Barbie King Size Circle Brown

I really like the Dueba brown lens because it looks a bit more natural than the King Brown, but I own the pink pair and know already how comfortable they are. Plus the King Browns are the most popular with gal models, so not sure what to pick >_< If anyone has used Dueba lenses anymore please let me know what you think of them!


  1. I always worry brown lenses will look too natural, but it's probably time I invested in a new pair outside of Nudys anyway. Those Barbie Kings look so cute on you, D!

  2. I have always been a fan of GEO's Angel Brown but I find them rather uncomfortable. I definitely recommend getting the King Size Brown since I think their design is similar. I have King Size in blue & pink and they're both soooo nice and comfortable. Also like you mentioned, many models use them. :)

  3. Ah~ I haven't tried Barbie Kings yet ^^;;;
    As brown lenses go...I'm loving my new EOS V-102L~ They blend in super well and look really natural.

  4. These look so pretty on you! I've seen these reviewed by a lot of beauty bloggers; I really want to try them now :)

  5. Your make-up look GREAT! <3 And I really like those lenses on you! So cute!

  6. If everyone was curious, I went ahead and purchased the Barbie King Brown from since they have the cheapest pair including shipping ($25).

    @ Val
    Thanks for the compliment! I felt the exact same about brown lenses (thinking they would look too natural)... but now that I'm starting to wear my lenses everyday I need something more subtle I think :( Which sucks because I love my gray lenses too!

    @ Dolly
    I went ahead and got the King Brown! Also thanks for the information about the Geo lenses, I think for the most part mine are from EOS and Neo (still waiting for my mukuchu order to arrive).

    @ l-article
    Thanks for the recommendation, the EOS lenses I have are very comfortable so I will look into them :D

    @ Rinny
    You should try them, they're super comfortable!

    @ Becci
    Thanks for the compliments :D

  7. You are so pretty! I love that make-up style on you, it really brings out your eyes. - and yes, I would have also recommended the king size candy magic ones, but seeing as how you've already purchased it, good job! Hahaha, those are the ones that I wear. Comfort is blegh, alright, but I still love it.

    I go to a Christian university too - people already think I'm bizarre with the way I dress and do my make-up, but hey they're great conversation starters hahaha. I only know of two Christian unis in so-cal /fail. What city is your school in?

  8. @ Mei
    Thanks very much :D The comfort on me is pretty good as long as I put on eyedrops when I first put them in, so I guess it just depends on people!

    I'm assuming you go to Azusa Pacific since it's in your area? I know there are tons of them all around SoCal~ mine is in Irvine so hello commuting :D

  9. Cute make up and lenses:)
    Both lenses you've got up there are lovely:) Don't think you can go wrong with either of them.
    You remind me I should wear my king browns more:O Im too addicted to my Nudy browns and Honey wings:)

  10. Yup yup, I'm over at APU. And wow Irviine!! That's pretty far (・◇・)