Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday night at Round 1!

Tony went to his friends birthday party and I was supposed to meet up with them to go drinking but they decided not to stay out too late since it took them 2 hours (!!) to get a lane at bowling. I was already ready to go out and Tony decided he wanted to take me somewhere, so we decided to go out to eat at Boston Cafe and Round 1 for purikura and Super Street Fighter IV AE.

Full face shot~
Closeup on my eye. I have been doing a lot of dramatic eyes recently :D I layered Diamond Lash Sexy eye and Angel eye on top and Baby eye on the bottom, wearing my Gossip Grey circle lenses.
My outfit for tonight! I just got my package from Yumetenbo so I wore some items out~
Poncho top: Yumetenbo
Shirt (underneath poncho): Wet Seal
Skirt: Mimmin
Tights: Kirei Plaza
Pumps: Yumetenbo

and here's the purikura we took! My eyes are so huge lol


  1. I think that combination of eyelashes is really perfect for you! The bold Angel Eye is so cute on you^^

    Wow, your eyes got so large in the second purikura XD

  2. Wheeee that is so cute, your eyes got super big in the puri too hehe~

  3. Love the combo of the top lashes:D I'll have to try those ones out.
    Cute purikura too:)

  4. Oh wow those are huge eyes haha! I love the lash combo though! I could never pull off that look ^^;; Cute purikura pics~ You two are freakin adorable~ :3

  5. Wow, those lashes are so so so fabulous. :) I love it when you update. You are a great inspiration for me!

  6. @ Sara Mari
    Yes I've totally found the Angel eye to work wonders on me :D I know you own it too, how does it look on you?

    @ Kotori
    Thanks! and yeah, my bf was so shocked how big my eyes got that he couldn't decorate it! lol

    @ Alanna
    I definitely recommend the Ladies Glamorous Series from Diamond Lash~ I haven't tried the Cats eye yet but hope to in the future :D

    @ l-article
    Thanks! My eyes are pretty small so I've noticed when I use more dramatic lashes it definitely opens them up a bit more~ but I know it's not for everyone! I tried a natural style recently and it just looked not right on me, lol

    @ Alicia
    Thanks! It's nice hearing those things especially since I just got posted on gyaru_secrets. I can't take it personally though so we just have to continue to stay strong in doing the style and not let any bullies make fun of our body shape/size. Bullies should be left in grade school :P

  7. i love this look on you ! your eye makeup looks so amazing.. i love the dramatic look i wanna buy more lashes from you now!

    cute outfit too <3 i love the polkadotted top and shimmery skirt , so pretty!

  8. I love, LOVE ♥ your outfit and make up ;'3
    the eyelashes are dramatic but stll cute >_<

    and~ you look gorgeous on the puri! ^^~

  9. I'm LOVING this eye makeup so much!!!! ^__^ You did beautiful job and look very cute&stylish~