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A beginners guide to gal/gyaru style false eyelashes *Update: 2/10/12*

As of 2/10/12, the whole post has had a huge overhaul!

I know my readers know that I post a lot about eyelashes, but often a lot of people don't even know the basics about them! I thought I would make this helpful guide that people can refer back to with helpful tips and hints~ I will probably edit this whenever I think of something new to add.

Last Update: 2/10/12
What you need:
  • Eyelashes (well, that's a given)
  • Hand held vanity mirror
  • Mascara
  • Strong tweezers (recommend professional ones like Tweezerman)
  • Mini pair of scissors (in case you need to trim your fake lashes)
  • Eyelash glues
  • Eyelash curlers
Upper eyelashes
An obvious thing needed, but it also varies widely by what type of look you want! Do you want to have a very natural, natural-ish, dolly or glamorous look? These are categorized based on my opinion, and other gals might have different ideas about these looks so just be aware of this fact. Beware that some of these pairs might look ratty in the photos, as I do use them a lot ^^;;

Here are eyelash styles you definitely need to stay away from:
Why are they not suitable for gal style? I guess if you need an explanation:
- Natural crossed type of lashes don't give the correct look because they're supposed to be more natural looking. Natural as if you're not wearing eyelashes at all which isn't the point of being gal: you want your lashes to show!
- Embellished lashes are distracting and just plain tacky.
- Volume without separation looks chunky on eyes and doesn't give any definition to them.
- Wispy cat-like lashes just aren't suitable in general, unless they are in accent lash form.

The definition of "natural" in gal doesn't mean natural-so-you-can't-tell, it is just something that means it is suitable for daily life. They are generally split up into two types: spike and cross lashes or MAC #7 volume separation style of lashes.

Since gal lashes have evolved within the past year or so, I decided to add another category to fill the need! These lashes are kind of natural, but also not at the same time. It's kind of hard to explain, but they are the type of lashes that aren't natural but are a bit dramatic at the same time.

My definition of "dolly" eyelashes is that the lashes focus volume on certain parts of the lash, either in the middle or the end. They generally give your eyes an irresistibly sweet, dolly type of look. Here's a picture to illustrate it better:

Glamorous lashes have separation but more volume all around compared to natural or dolly looking lashes. These lashes might be too extreme for some people to wear everyday, which is why these types of lashes are best for special occasions/weekends. However, if you are into heavier makeup like from egg, ageha or Happie Nuts then these are the lashes for you!

Accent lashes are used for people who want to use their natural eyelashes but give extra volume or oomph to either the center or corner of their eye. They can also be used to help customize a pair of lashes.

Lower eyelashes
I categorize these types of eyelashes into 3 categories just like I did with the upper eyelashes! There's very natural, some-what natural and dramatic. I recommend when using bottom lashes not to use mascara (unless you're using the very natural type), as you want the fake ones to be the only ones showing. It can be distracting if you use mascara and don't blend them well together, which is why I advise just to not do it at all.

Very Natural:
These lashes are supposed to look very natural, or as I'd like to call it "my-eyelashes-but-better". They can even be so natural looking that you can wear these without makeup if you wanted!
They are widely available around the world, and even if they're not made for a gyaru audience you can still work them! If you'd like extra "oomph" when you wear these lashes I would recommend to coat your bottom lashes with mascara and then add the fake lashes underneath.

Somewhat Natural:
These lashes give a somewhat natural look while having certain details that enhance your overall look that isn't possible naturally. There are a wide variety of bottom lash designs like this!

These lashes are for those who are daring enough to wear them! They're not for everyone and you must have the right type of makeup to execute the look correctly or else you'll just look weird wearing these. I recommend pairing these dramatic bottom lashes with equally or more dramatic top lashes and eye makeup.
If you don't have dramatic bottom lashes readily available I would recommend taking a very natural top eyelash, inverting them and using them as bottom lashes.

Eyelash glue
There are a variety of eyelash glues on the market now, either made out of latex or latex-free (for those with a latex allergy). I highly recommend keeping both black and clear formulas of eyelash glues on hand. Black glue is good for top lashes so that you don't have to reapply eyeliner in the case of reapplying lashes. Clear glue is good for bottom lashes, in case you don't wear eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes and gives it a more natural look.
The easiest eyelash glues (IMO) to use are latex-free and are popular with Japanese gyaru! Glues like D-UP Eyelash Fixer, Eyemazing Super Fit and Diamond Lash Eyelash Fixer come in a bottle a similar size as a lipgloss and have a brush applicator, as shown here:
You simply just brush the glue onto the lashes. If you use D-UP Eyelash Fixer or Eyemazing Super Fit, you can put the lashes on almost immediately after applying the glue (it's about a 5-10 second dry time period before you can put them on). Diamond Lash Eyelash Fixer's formula is a bit more watery, so it takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute to dry.
For those who don't have an allergy to latex or have patience for their glue to dry, DUO Eyelash Glue is the best option! It's the most used eyelash glue by professional makeup artists, and comes in clear and black formulas. They come in a squeeze tube, but be careful not to squeeze too much or else you'll waste product! These take about 30 seconds to dry for application, but you can speed up the process by blowing on them and it can cut down the time by half.

The easiest and most precise way to put on eyelashes is using them, especially since some eyelash styles also require the use of tweezers for application. Tweezers are also helpful to gently remove eyelashes from their packaging and getting rid of glue residue.

Removing Eyelashes from its tray:

Removing residual Eyelash glue:

If you aren't patient or gentle, here's a warning for you!
This is what happens when you aren't careful with your lashes! Certain parts will get tugged hard at and be removed from the lashes making them mostly unusable, unless you are a fan of custom lashes.

Eyelash curlers
I used to discourage people from using eyelash curlers on their fake eyelashes, but now I have found a way around it that I recommend to everyone!
Non-traditional Eyelash Curler: These are a bit weird, because they don't have a side to them! I really recommend using these on fake lashes because of that. They won't dent or squish your fake lashes and really work to give extra volume and open your eyes up. I recommend the Urban Decay The Revolution High Performance Lash Curler (which has been discontinued, you might be able to find these on eBay or select Urban Decay counters at Macy's) or the Japonesque Professional Eyelash Curler.
Heated Eyelash Curler: Although I don't use the heated eyelash curler too much (my own lashes are too stubborn to use it effectively), it works really well for people who have easier to handle natural lashes. What you would do is to curl your real lashes, put some mascara on, put the lashes on and then blend your real lashes with the fake lashes with the curler. I recommend the Sephora Heated Eyelash Curler.
Traditional Eyelash Curler: I recommend you to NEVER use these on your fake lashes, unless you have a really good handle of them. They can pinch them and create a dent. That's not cute! However, I really recommend using these on your real lashes before putting the fake ones on. I recommend the NYX Eyelash Curler.

With using all of the other tips, here are an additional few things you should know for application of lashes.
- Using the hand held vanity mirror, hold it from a bottom up angle so you can precisely put your lashes on.
- It is recommended to put your lashes as closely as possible to your natural lash line, but some people prefer to put them above their natural line for more volume. It is okay to do this, but make sure you compensate for this by putting on more eyeliner to try to camouflage this.
- When applying the lashes on make sure the lashes are secure by pushing them in gently. I like to start from the outer end to middle to inner end. Using tweezers can help when using stubborn lashes that don't want to stick!

Removal and Cleaning 
Removing fake lashes properly is somewhat important and can be looked over easily. What I recommend doing is start from the outer end and remove gently with your fingers in small segments. If you pull off the lashes too quickly they can get ruined and unwearable (this has happened to me with Diamond Lash Beauty Eye so many times!).
Cleaning can be time consuming, but if you want to prolong the life of your lashes you should do this! Once you remove the lashes from your lashline, I recommend using makeup wipes to clean them and then gently using tweezers to pick off the excess glue (which you can see the guide for above).

Time span of lashes
As long as you take really good care of your lashes, you can get very good wear from a pair. Delicate lashes you can get a good 2-10 wears while stiffer lashes can last you 5-10+ wears. The best example from myself is that I used a pair of Jewerich No. 2 lashes for 6 months before they became too ratty and caked with old makeup.

Custom Lashes
When the lashes become too ratty and the time to throw them away comes, think twice about it! I recommend reusing certain pieces that can be usable and combining them together to create the ultimate custom eyelashes set. You can be creative and you'll know that no one else will have the same lashes as you!
My favorite pair of custom lashes is made up of Diamond Lash Glamorous eye and Diamond Lash Cats eye, which you can see here being worn:

Eyelash cases are good to have around, especially if you have thrown away their original packaging. Either just for storage or carrying around your case if you feel like taking them off at some point they are useful! Many people own the Dolly Wink cases since they're the easiest to obtain, but really any small container will work out fine. The top container was purchased from an office supply store for $1.

Where to buy fake eyelashes?
There is a wide variety of place to buy them from, so I'll list a bunch of places!

Shoppingholics: One of my sponsors for circle lenses! They also sell many eyelashes and cosmetics from Japanese and Korean brands.
KKCenterHK: One of my sponsors for eyelashes! They sell hundreds of different styles of eyelashes!
Sasa: Sells a wide variety of Asian lashes, but many of them are out of stock! Worth a bookmark though~
Ichibankao: Sells Japanese eyelashes used by gal magazine models directly from Japan. Prices are inflated but is very reliable and sells the newest designs.
iMomoko: Has a great selection of Japanese and Korean cosmetics and stocks lots of Japanese gyaru brand lashes including: D-UP, Dear Laura, Diamond Lash, Dolly Wink, Eyemazing, Jewerich, Jumily and Melliesh. Free shipping in the US for orders over $50!
A Pop of Kawaii: Sells Japanese eyelashes and Japan exclusive cosmetics at reasonable prices.
Cosmeland USA: An online store based in the US that sells Japanese beauty goods that has their own storefront in Rowland Heights, CA.
Pinky Paradise: A popular circle lens store that also sells eyelashes from Japanese brands.
Daiso Japan: Daiso sells their popular inexpensive eyelashes online in bulk packs of 20.
Kawiwi Beauty Group: eBay store that sells a wide variety of eyelashes. The Ballet brand has many gal-friendly styles sold in bulk for a low price.
Madame Madeline: Sells high quality, professional Western styled lashes. Some of these lashes work very well for gal and they have a wide variety of bottom and accent lashes. Offers the popular Korean eyelash brand Darkness. Many designs work well with gal makeup.
Model 21: Bulk packs of eyelashes with some styles wonderful for gal makeup.
Pretty and Cute: Sells a wide variety of Asian lashes that can fit anyone's budget!

Direct order:
D-UP Official Webstore: The official store for D-UP, which makes their lashes in collaboration with former Popteen and current CanCam model Aiku Maigawa. They also make the famous Eyelashes Fixer EX eyelash glue. Through a special link you can buy 3 packs of D-UP lashes and get a free limited edition D-UP lash pack picked by Aiku!
La Primavera: Easily is my current favorite store for buying eyelashes for its big variety of eyelashes available for shipment overseas! Includes all of the Ginza Labo produced brands (Eyemazing, Toujours, Decolog), Nature is lovely (branded as Ricoang), Chocola lashes and many other budget lashes! As a side note, they do not ship eyelash glues overseas unfortunately.
Princess Nail: Sells popular lashes including Eyelash Value Pack and D-UP for cheaper prices than you can find from most places!
Kirei Mania: Sells a wide variety of lashes, including some gal styles.
Moery: Former ageha model Momoeri selling her brand of cosmetics with worldwide shipping.
Yumetenbo Beauty: Sells Decorative Eyelash, Eyemazing and many eyelash cases.
Kobe Medicare: The official online sellers for GURIGULASH, eyelashes produced by Twin ageha models Guri and Gura.

Shopping service required:
Kirei Plaza: This store used to ship their wide variety of eyelashes worldwide but discontinued this service late last year. Still worth buying from, even with a shopping service!
Glitter Lashes: Their own brand of eyelashes are worth a look along with them selling popular gal magazine model lashes.
Himuka Kenbido: Probably the largest selection of eyelashes I have seen on one site EVER! 
Do Best Shop: Sells the LouJene brand of 100yen priced eyelashes with many gal styles. These eyelashes are sold at Ichibankan stores in Northen California.


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