Friday, December 31, 2010

Outfit from yesterday and plans for today!

A big Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone will have a great year coming :D

Tony's family and I went to see West Side Story in Hollywood yesterday and his mom wanted us to be dressy~

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[Sales Post] Eyelashes and beauty products

Items are still available from my first sales post, but beauty products will be moved here!

Items for sale:
- Diamond Lash First Series (Koakuma, Dolly [new!], Fairy [new!], Gorgeous [back in stock], Nudy, Lovely)
- Diamond Lash Glamorous eye
- Diamond Lash Pure Series (Girly, Beauty, Model)
- Diamond Blush in Gold Jewelry (Highlighter)
- Eyemazing #003
- LouJene Cool #13 (glue included)
- Daiso #11 (glue included)
- Daiso #12 (glue included)
- Malibu natural cross bottom lash (glue included)
- Eyelash 2 pack
- Double eyelid glue

*Shipping is available overseas! For 1-2 packs shipping is + $2 and 3-5 packs is + $4 to the prices listed*

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ramen Yukinoya and Round 1!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas :D It's my time of month so I had a lazy day and went to eat and go watch Tony play Super Street Fighter IV at Round 1. Let's get away from the negativity~!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas! Here's a present for my readers☆

Hope everyone is having a nice Christmas eve/day depending on where you are in the world :D I decided to scan the entire Diamond Beauty catalog~ There's up close looks at what type of Diamond Lashes and makeup that popular magazine models use and can be very helpful if you still need to practice your makeup technique or just want to try out new styles!

A few images will be in the cut along with the zip to download the entire catalog (39 images)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm just a random who reads your blog I want to tell you that you seems to have the most positive outlook on life and kindest personality. You really inspire me to be confident in expanding my gyaru style. Where do you get this amazing confidence?

That is a very nice thing to say to me, so I thank you so much for it!
One of the things that I really believe in is to learn how to be comfortable in your own body and to get rid of negative influences around you. It took me a very long time to do it, but once I did it for myself I learned that I was much happier instead of just worrying about those types of things~ Also it helps to have positive influences that will help encourage you!
If there are people who are negative towards you, just prove them wrong! Take that negativity and turn it into a positive and then once you show them up you can show them how stupid they are! :D
Hope I could help you with some advice~

ParaPara flashbacks! + giveaway

This last year has been kinda poopy ParaPara-wise, so I thought I would take a look back at a few videos I've done in the past:

TechPara Medley vol. 1

This was the first TechPara medley we've done specifically for online purposes. I'm so onee in this!

Otaku-kei J-Euro Medley

I loved my outfit in this, and you can probably see my dog popping in at times!

TechPara Medley vol. 4 ~iTunes edition~

TWO★HEARTS テクパラメドレー VOL. 4 from DISCO NRG on Vimeo.
This one was filmed last year in November 2009, but features TechPara songs which you can download off of iTunes! I really love my style in this :D

Of course if you guys want to know more ParaPara stuff, head over to or

 Also make sure you check out Emy's giveaway if you haven't~ Some really cute cosmetics in there!
Also be sure to keep checking back here either tomorrow or Christmas Day for a special present from myself!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Outfits and Diamond Gal Circle's Holiday Hot Mess

I have been very bad about not taking outfit pictures the last month or so, especially since I had some really nice coordinates... one of the ones not included was featuring my Delyle Snoopy print dress T_T

Also a big shout out to Diamond for hosting the event at Royal T last night :D I was great meeting newer members of Diamond (since I've known Val and Michi for awhile) and especially meeting Dolly and Mei <3 They both have amazing style and are sweet girls who I hope to see around :D

I think your the most prettiest woman i have ever seen! My question is how do you deal with negative comments I can't handle them very well.what's your secret to this?

Thank you for the compliment! :)

I know it's hard to take negative comments, as I used to get offended by them when I did. But you know what? People always look for the worst in you (especially on communities like gal_secrets). You just have to know if people have the guts to post nasty things like that they're uglier on the inside and outside. Just move on from the negativity and prove the haters wrong.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


In California we have a ton of free weekly/monthly magazines that are catered toward the Japanese population. I grabbed Weekly La La La when I went to Foo Foo Tei a few months ago and saw it was their 7th Anniversary and tons of prizes were given away if you did a survey for them! It was difficult for my grasp of Japanese but I did it and a few months later...

I won one of the shirts given away by Shibuya Closet, a local gyaru clothing store!

So thanks very much to them again, I don't win things often so I'm glad I got this :D

Monday, December 20, 2010

Get's and photos of my eyelash collection

I made a recent order from the egg store and Diamond Beauty through Japan to Door, and here's what I got!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Online stores that sell Diamond Lashes overseas

I get asked all the time about Diamond Lashes and have noticed recently a ton of stores are now stocking them! I found most of these while slacking on finals... but I got them done (minus my last one on Friday) so now I can share these with you guys :D

  • Ichibankao: Stocks the first, second and volume series for 1700yen (including shipping)
  • GalのLover: Stocks the first and newest series (Volume and Pure) for $20 each
  • A Pop of Kawaii: Stocks the first, second and pure series for $17.70 each
  • Pinky Paradise: Stocks the first, second and model eye from pure series for $19.99 each
  • Facial Shop: Stocks the first series for $17.99 each (must type "Diamond Lash" in search box)
  • Bic Yamamoto: Stocks the first series for 1050yen each
I'm also selling boxes of Koakuma eye, Gorgeous eye, Lovely eye and Nudy eye from the first series for $16 including shipping!

Also if any of you know other stores that carry them that aren't on the list, please feel free to let me know :D

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010

    My Best Kept Secret: Japan to Door

    I used to use another service that was exclusively for people who speak Japanese, but they kind of screwed me over. But my post isn't about that company, it's about Japan to Door! I'm not paid by them for anything, just a happy customer who has my needs fulfilled :)

    I specifically use them for their Other Forwarding service, meaning that I handle all of the transactions myself and they act as my warehouse for receiving items. A big bonus is that they also allow transactions dealing with COD, meaning that there's pretty much no limitations to what sites you can buy from! I haven't used any of their other services so I cannot comment on those.

    It was really important for me to be able to handle my own orders, so if there were sales on major sites I wouldn't have to worry about my items selling out. But in order to do this you need to have a basic understanding of Japanese! It is really important in the case that the stores you are buying from have delays or need you to confirm things, an example was that one of my egg shop orders was majorly delayed due to manufacturing issues in China. If you can't read or understand these types of things it'll be difficult for you to use this service.

    So if you fit into the role of wanting to control your own orders, keep reading!

    How the service works:
    • Once you sign up with JTD they provide you an address to use for your items to be shipped to. It is really important to follow the steps in regards to the address, or else it might be cut off in orders and not shipped correctly to their warehouse.
    • You add funds to your account through Paypal, which is any amount you want to load into your account (for things like COD, service fees and shipping). I believe there is a small Paypal fee charged when adding funds to your account.
    • In order to make it more cost efficient, get everything you need at once! When you make orders you need to fill out one Other Forwarding service form where you can add multiple store orders as long as they're made within a 48 hour period. Also make sure you select the option for consolidation and repacking if you're receiving multiple orders at a time (it's an additional $16 for these services).
    • It is cheaper if you charge your items to a credit card, but COD is available with a 15% service fee. If you are using COD you must pay upfront or else they could possibly reject your order and send it back to the origin!
    • Once everything has arrived they will give you an invoice of charges and you have within 10 days to pay for everything to be shipped. The fees consist of shipping, handling, consolidation + repacking fee, invoice fee and taxes. It can get expensive overall, which is why I suggest doing multiple orders at once.
    And here's an example of a fee breakdown (taken from one of my orders):
    • Ordered 12 used CDs from Amazon Japan Marketplace for approximately $5 each ($60) - all paid on my debit card.
    • Shipping fee: 3600yen converted to $42.25
    • Handling fee: $11.74
    • Consolidation + Repacking fee: $16
    • Japanese tax: $3.75
    • Total fees: $78.74, meaning each CD becomes about $11.50 which isn't bad considering they're very hard to find and originally retail for about 3015yen each.
    So yes it can get more expensive than you originally expect, but overall it's not too bad! I recommend them 100%.

    Stores I recommend on ordering from:

    Sunday, December 12, 2010

    Hello! I was wondering where you ordered Diamond Lash from and how much did it cost + shipping? Thank you! :)

    For the first series I get at Marukai (local Japanese supermarket by me) for $11. The others I used to buy off of Kirei Plaza but they stopped doing overseas shipping in the last few months :(
    I buy them still from Kirei Plaza and Diamond Beauty's official site, but I use a shopping service (Japan to Door) which can get pretty pricey, about $100 for shipping of all my items when I do them in batches. The easiest option to use is Ichibankao which has some of the newest ones for 1700yen with shipping included. I have a few on sale on my blog as well under sales posts for $16 including shipping.

    So sorry guys!!

    Finals are this week and I have been very busy working on final papers and studying for my tests. I really hate ignoring my blog since I love writing on here, plus on top of that I've been awful on taking outfit photos :(

    I just wanted to stop by and say hi, and for the giveaway winners I will be mailing out your prizes this week!

    Also feel free to ask me questions on my formspring, I just started that up again and I can answer quick questions on there if you guys have any for me :)

    Tuesday, December 7, 2010

    Pictures from Monterey, CA

    I went on this trip weeks ago but haven't gotten around to posting my photos from the area, but thought I should now! I stayed at the Cannery Row Inn for a steal at $69/night and just walked around Monterey without having to pay for parking :D If you found my blog by searching for information/reviews about the Inn, here it is:
    - The most important part to me was that it was affordable. Make sure you book online for the best rates, I've heard stories about them quoting different prices over the phone.
    - Very close to the main tourist attractions. Walk down the block and turn left and you're at Cannery Row! The aquarium is 3-4 blocks away.
    - Front desk people seem to talk very minimally but do the job.
    - Lots of tourist information at the front desk, you can also buy tickets to some of them at a discount from there as well.
    - Free breakfast in the morning is decent. It was nothing special (cereal, toast, pastries, fruit, etc) but can't complain if it's free!
    - Its by a major road, so traffic might be loud at some points. It didn't bother us too much.
    - Room is pretty decent, although we noticed that the space between the bottom of the door and the floor was kind of big (maybe about 1 or 2 inches off the ground?)
    - No air conditioning, but if you live by the beach you know it's not necessary. The fireplace and heater came in handy since it gets cold at night.
    - Bed is super comfortable! I believe they just redid these recently, and you get about 5 pillows if you're in a king bed.
    - Bathroom is large and toiletries are provided. Love how they shaped the towels in the shape of shells :D
    - Major problem: I don't know if it was just during my stay but the internet was very inconsistent. It would take a really long time in order for the login site to show up in order to start using it, and it would often go off and on throughout our stay. Although I guess I shouldn't complain too much, you're not on vacation to use the internet :P

    If you love sea otters, there's lots of pictures of them in here :)

    Monday, December 6, 2010

    Round 1 Game Center: Pictures!

    Sorry I haven't posted since last week, but school is winding down to the last 2 weeks so I'll probably be quite busy! I took these pictures last week but haven't posted them yet, so here you guys go!

    More information on Round 1 can be found here:

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    Some new purikura and outfit shot :D

    I went to Round 1 last night (I'll make a post all about it later) and took purikura!

    Winners of the giveaways!

    The winner of the first giveaway with the prizes of a pink colored mirror and a set of Eyemazing lashes is...
    The winner of the second giveaway with the Diamond Lash sampler pack and misc gifts is...
    I will contact the lucky ladies very soon and give a round of congratulations!