Monday, December 20, 2010

Get's and photos of my eyelash collection

I made a recent order from the egg store and Diamond Beauty through Japan to Door, and here's what I got!

I had already made such a big order from Diamond Beauty in the past, but they restocked Sexy eye (which was sold out when I made my last order) and finally released Cute eye to the public as well! I went back and got another pack of Celeb eye because it's becoming the lashes I wear the most, and I got Feminine eye because I started to like that lower lash style~ The Mori-gyaru eye is from the egg store. Also a big incentive was that they were giving away a limited supply of 40 page Diamond Beauty catalogs featuring big-name models and Chinatsu Wakatsuki! If you guys didn't know, I was a very big fan of Chinatsu during her gravure model days and I even have an autographed poster of her :D I used to run a gravure model scan site and she was the model I featured the most~

Here's a couple of looks into the catalog, I will probably scan it in the future since my finals are done with :D

Here's what I got from the egg store (minus the Mori-gyaru Diamond Lash sets, those were featured above)
I saw this on the egg store and thought it was so adorable! But little did I know...
That it's modeled after Nozomi Tsuji! I used to be a huge fan of Hello! Project from 2000-2005 and her and Ai Kago were my favorite members :D
Vanquish dress and tank top (both were on sale, naturally :D)~ I've been a huge fan of Vanquish since it started back around 2005/2006, since one of my best friends and ParaPara partner in crime is onii-kei and it's his favorite brand.

Pictures of my baskets of eyelashes!
I have one reserved just for Diamond Lash, since I'm such a huge fan of them. I organized it just for this photo!
My other miscellaneous eyelashes! A lot of cheap ones in here~


  1. Omg that Hello Kitty shirt is ridiculously adorable!! What a great find :D

  2. zomg so many eyelashes!!! OwO
    And that HK shirt is soooo adorable!! :3

  3. Whoa check out that awesome eyelash collection XD I really want to try out the Celeb and Feminine Eye eyelashes as well, I'm glad to hear your positive reaction to them^^

    Oh that catalog with the models looks so lovely >3</

  4. Jealous!!! Soooo very Jealous!!! <3

    Awesome haul!! I'm dieing to order some diamond lashes....I just know the shipping is gonna kill me!!

    Great post as always!

  5. Oh wow your lash collection is amazing!! :D
    Did you get the lashes Chinatsu modeled then? Ahh if so I will so jealous XD haha

  6. @ Rinny
    Thank you! I was so happy to see it because of how cute it was~

    @ l-article
    A girl can never have too many false eyelashes! and thanks!

    @ Sara Mari
    The Celeb eye is currently one of my favorites (the other would be their Glamorous eye) and it's super comfy! I've fallen asleep with them on occasions and have stuck on well and never got ruined~

    @ PeachPixie
    Shipping is a real bummer for them but they're definitely worth it since you get 5 pairs for each pack! and thank you, and don't let the hater on g_s get to you since almost everyone was on your side :D

    @ Samispoon
    Thanks! Chinatsu modeled a ton of their styles but the only style I don't have from her shoot is Cats eye :( She mostly wears Gorgeous and Koakuma eye together though :D