Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Diamond Beauty gets!

My package has finally arrived to my house and I can show you guys what I got! I haven't done a review yet because I'm too excited to show you guys these, but I will do it in the near future :)

If you've looked at recent gal magazines I'm sure you've seen the new Diamond Beauty advertisements featuring their new series of lashes, volume and pure, along with their new line of blush and highlighter. These are really hard to find right now (you can only buy them on their official online site with a shopping service or at SBY in 109). If you do buy from their online store do it quick, they sell out of stock extremely quick and it takes them ages to restock!
Here's a list of what I got:
Diamond Lash Pure Series Girly Eye, Beauty Eye, Baby Eye (under), Model Eye (under)
 Girly Eye, Beauty Eye
Baby Eye (under), Model Eye (under)
Model shots:
 Yuki wearing Girly + Model eye
 Natsumi wearing Beauty + Feminine
Misaki wearing French + Baby eye
Diamond Lash Volume Series Celeb Eye, Charming Eye (under), Diamond Blush in Honey Orange, Diamond Blush Highlight in Gold Jewelry 
 Celeb Eye, Charming Eye (under)
Diamond Blush in Honey Orange, Diamond Blush Highlight in Gold Jewelry
Model shots:
Maria wearing Celeb Eye + Charming Eye (under)
Nicole wearing Diamond Blush in Honey Orange + Diamond Blush Highlight in Gold Jewelry


  1. I can't wait for you to review these!!! I have got to find some bottom lashes...Paid day needs to hurry up and get here!!

    I really want to know what you think of the highlighter and blush....

  2. I just tried out some stuff for a post (which I may or may not post soon :]), and the blush and highlighter aren't so good on me anyways :( I'm guessing because my skin is too natural tan? lol I also found that the highlighter has shimmer/sparkles (which is normal for cosmetics) but I thought it was too much and looked obvious :(

    For bottom lashes, you can try these from Daiso: http://www.daisojapan.com/p-7782-false-bottom-eyelash-straight-type-10pks.aspx They were just featured in this month's egg and are gaining popularity with gals right now!

    Also http://prettyandcute.com seems to have a lot as well :)