Friday, November 5, 2010

PopSister: Dressing Mode with Military, Nordic, Rock and British styles with H&M

The November issue of PopSister included a photoshoot of their models wearing H&M clothes and accessories. I know there's a big debate in the Western gal community of either you wear 109 brands or you don't. Let's bust that myth by showing you JAPANESE GYARU MODELS wearing H&M in a fashionable, gyaru mode-kei way that's affordable.

Doesn't Wei Son look a lot like Mitsu from Universal Doll in this spread?

If you haven't read PopSister before, it's the Shibuhara (mix of Shibuya and high-fashion Harajuku trendy fashions) counterpart of Popteen, and I'm sure you recognize the lovely Tsubasa on the cover. This style is great for Western gals because the Harajuku style element brings in a lot of Western brands like H&M, Forever 21, GAP and Abercrombie & Fitch.

So yes, it's totally possible to make these clothes fit right for gyaru. Don't let people tell you otherwise. Also remember, Japanese prices for Western clothes are really inflated, so they will be much cheaper in your home countries! Fashion in Western countries is great now especially now so that we're not behind of Japanese fashion anymore. We started catching up to them since around 2008-2009, so your local shopping mall will have some of the same styles that gyaru are wearing now. So go out to your local shops and look for perfect pieces to coordinate with the newest trends!


  1. This shoot is super nice!!! Hmmmm does H&M have a plus line? I know Faith 21 is Forever 21's plus line....

  2. I don't think H&M has a plus size line yet, but from what I own from them their sizes tend to run big :)

    Have you tried Miley Cyrus's line at Walmart? Her stuff is super cute and really cheap!

    Also Torrid is pretty on top of fashion right now, there's a couple of fur items on there right now but it's on the pricey side :( Wet Seal also sells plus size online as well for their normal clothes :D

  3. Great info, because recently i had a kind of "fight" XD with a "gal" because she said gals must wear Japanese brands only, but great!!! thanxs! :P this probes is not true ^_~ ♥