Saturday, November 20, 2010

ageha model names: Exclusive/Resident + Graduated models

I've noticed in my stats that there's been an influx of people here coming from Google searching up "ageha model names", so I guess I'll make a post about that ^^;; I'll break it up between resident + graduated models and models with their names in romaji, Japanese and blog address!

Featured models are in this post.

Exclusive/Resident ageha models:
Rina Sakurai "Sakurina" (romaji)
桜井莉菜 (日本語)

Shizuka Mutou (romaji)
武藤静香 (日本語)

Rina Ayukawa (romaji)
鮎川りな (日本語)

Riho Nishiyama (romaji)
西山りほ (日本語)
Maria Kurotaki (romaji)
黒瀧まりあ (日本語)

Rin (romaji)
りん (日本語)

Satomi Yakuwa (romaji)
八鍬里美 (日本語)

Graduated Models:
Sayaka Araki (romaji)
荒木さやか (日本語)
(if you have the chance to use her makeup products - don't because they don't work as promised!)
Graduated:  3/2011
Himeka Shirosaki (romaji)
白咲姫香 (日本語)
Graduated: 12/2007
Eri Momoka "Momoeri" (romaji)
桃華絵里 (日本語)
Graduated: 5/2009
Sumire (romaji)
純恋 (日本語)
Graduated: Died on 6/11/2009 of a cerebral hemorrhage

Nemu - now known as Emika (romaji)
ねむ - エミカ (日本語)
Graduated: 10/2009

Nori Shirashi "Noririn" (romaji)
白石乃梨 (日本語)
Graduated: Unknown date - to become a singer

Erisa Kaminomiya (romaji)
上ノ宮絵理沙 (日本語)
Ayana Tsubaki (romaji)
椿姫彩菜  (日本語)
Momoko Iinuma (romaji)
飯沼ももこ (日本語)

Kin Kira Kin (romaji)
きんきら☆きん (日本語)


  1. lol they all look so similar. I like Ayana Tsubaki because she looks sweet and more different from the rest, maybe because she didnt have the makeup and curls like others.

  2. OH I think it's really nice that you pay attention to your google statistics and try to provide people the info they are searching for.

    Just last week I was searching for who Yurika is (she a ageha model), but I can't read many kanji, so I had to search by stroke count to find out her name reading haha!

  3. Ahhh they're all so pretty~ I think I remember seeing a lot of Sakurina..
    Gosh..but I suck at remembering names and faces in general..even US celebrities..aaaahhhh I should be ashamed of my ignorance! >.>

  4. Seeing Sumire just mademe cry!
    I miss her, will always be her fan!

  5. I love this post! I read ageha often but I never bothered to know the model's names (except the more famous ones) since they all look similar to me :X But very helpful, thanks!

  6. @ dreamer
    An interesting fact about Ayana is that she's a famous newhalf (transgendered). My Japanese friend told me about her because she went to the same school as her. I think it's sweet that ageha was so open to featuring her as a regular model :)

    @ Sara Mari
    Yeah, statistics are such powerful things! Especially in the mind of a Marketing major, I want to research what people want and give it to them :) Also Yurika is very cute, I think she was featured in my ageha article about their top picks for eyelashes?

    @ l-article
    Don't feel bad for your ignorance! A lot of the models actually do look very similar since they do the same styles and trends :) I know that there are a lot worse people than you when it comes to that lol

    @ Love Jade
    I didn't know much about Sumire because I stopped reading ageha in 2009. When I looked her up I was very touched that she was involved in a lot of volunteering, especially when it comes to dolphin conservation in Japan. She was beautiful as well, and glad her legacy is still going on!

    @ Dolly
    No problem! Like I said earlier to l-article, it's okay to not differentiate them since they all do the same styles and follow the same trends :)

  7. YAY!! More models for me to stalk!!! XP Thank you so much for posting these!