Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Recent outfits

I haven't made a post about me in awhile, especially because during my trip to Monterey the internet was very inconsistent :( So I guess here's 2 outfits and a few other things~

I wore this last Friday, since I was up early working on my Accounting project. This was taken at Wet Seal and I obviously went shopping at Forever 21 for the new Minnie Muse line :D
Outfit details:
Cardigan: Rose Fan Fan
Top + Purse: Yumetenbo
Scarf: Stolen from mommy :)
Skirt: Wet Seal
Tights: Kirei Plaza
Boots: Torrid
Wore this to my day trip to San Francisco. I had a really limited wardrobe since I was on vacation, and I also forgot my curling iron :(
Outfit details:
Sweater Top: Some random store in Las Vegas
Belt: Wet Seal
Skirt: Mimmin
Scarf: Minnie Muse for Forever 21
Hat: Forever 21
Tried to get a makeup shot... I used nanoche bb cream and bb mineral powder for my base makeup this time. It felt a lot lighter than my usual base so I'll probably do it more :)
With my Minnie Muse scarf on!
Details on the Minnie Muse scarf <3

Some random pictures from the trip (there will be a separate post about Monterey)
Tony and I with my longtime friend, Reed. No makeup because we had just traveled 8 hours by car :( This was after eating sushi in San Jose.
 Fancily presented katsudon from Kushi Tsuru in San Francisco's Japantown. Cheap and huge as well, $8!
Eyelashes purchased at Daiso and Ichibankan in Japantown. Once I receive a package I've been waiting for there will be new posts about eyelashes ;)


  1. Waa! I miss San Francisco. You look cute :) I always thought DAISO had the best lashes XD I forget which numbers were my favourites though, though 9 rings a bell.

  2. Aww~ Your outfits look so fun! :3 I love the sparkle skirt :3 And Ahhh Minnie muse!! I was going to order the earmuffs online but they sold out the today!! When I was going to buy theeemmmm ;o; they reminded me of Star Wars Leia buns...;o; T^T
    ....o.o eyelash <3

  3. @ Valentine
    I didn't actually like San Francisco too much, but probably because I didn't plan enough! Next time I go I will definitely ask you for recommendations since I know you used to live there :D I got the #9 in my haul on the left!

    @ l-article
    Thank you! I'm assuming the Minnie Muse stuff is popular. I got lucky because I bought my items the day they were released since I knew that they would go quickly. I just wish they released those minnie ears to the public :(

  4. Awesome outfits! Im loving the first one for sure, youve great style!! :D

  5. I like the second outfit! I think I have that same hat from f21 ;)

    Daiso lashes!! I see a few of my favs there~ I'm picking up some this week too since I'm in the bay area as well~ :D

  6. LOVE THE STOCKINGS! i've been looking for stockings like those for a loonnngg time!! you look so cute!

    and O M G at all those lovely lashes!

  7. Man, your style is really cool! I love the first coordinate alot! The skirt and tights and scarf all work together so nicely.

    I want the red cardigan from the Minnie Muse collection, I asked for it for Christmas since I couldn't find it in stores around here TT

  8. Hi so it's my first time on your blog and thanks for following mine so much!

    I like both of your coordinates a lot! Especially the first one and the skirt is so cute!!! I also like vertical stripe tights, which i'm using a lot at the moment too^^

  9. @ Samispoon
    Thank you! :D

    @ Dolly
    That's cool that you're in the Bay area! Are you originally from there? Also make sure to check out Ichibankan since the LJ brand eyelashes they have there are amazing for gal *_*

    @ Juvy
    Thanks! Wet Seal has some similar stockings here if you're curious:

    @ Sara Mari
    Thanks for the compliments! The red cardigan is super cute, I own the gray boyfriend style cardigan! There's also a few items I've noticed in store but not online, including the bomber jacket with Mickey shapes embossed in it *_*