Saturday, November 13, 2010

Outfit post + makeup for 11/12

I have been really neglecting to take outfit photos, so I only have 3 recent ones :'(

This was out for a ramen date with Tony.
Long day from Cartchella-> Dia de los muertos festival in Santa Ana -> Disneyland

and last is from yesterday, when I went out to dinner for my bff's birthday. I did my hair that day (WOO finally? haha) and put in my circle lenses and new Diamond Lashes. I also tried out some new makeup, including Maybelline's Gel Liner that is oh so popular with gals and the NYX Highlighter and Contour set.
Blurry but you can see my hair better here :)
Close up on my face. Yes I noticed after I took these pictures that I forgot to put my lipstick on :(
Foundation: Clinique + Maybelline (mixed together)
Powder + Concealer: Clinique
Blush: Diamond Beauty
Eyeshadow + primer: Urban Decay
Eyelashes: Diamond Lash Celeb (top) Baby (bottom)
Highlight + Contour: NYX

Inside Urban Outfitters at The Lab in Costa Mesa, CA. Tony is in the background looking at his company's wallets on display (he works at toddland).


  1. the lashes are wonderful :DDD!!!
    plus i love the last pikku ^_~