Thursday, November 25, 2010

Eyelash review: Loujene Glamorous Full S #2/LJ つけまつげN02 グラマラス フルS

I'm going to review the Glamorous Full S #2 from Loujene's line of affordable cosmetics. Retails for 105yen in Japan and $1.50 at Ichibankan stores in California. I'm not sure where else their products are sold at, but if you've seen them please let me know! :) If you're interested in them you can purchase them on the company's Rakuten store here, but you need to use a shopping service for them. Most of their lashes are very gyaru-kei along with some of their other makeup products!

When you take them out of the package they're pretty stiff and fake looking. They're also somewhat hard to put on, the right eye took me 2 tries to get on. They're kind of heavy but if you stick them on without blinking for a bit they should go on fine. Make sure you bend them as well so it'll help you get them on. Major plus on them was that there was very little glue residue on them (just on the ends), so it was easy to apply glue on without having to take any residue off.
 Here's me with it on in comparison to my bare eye. Doesn't look too bad from far.
Closeup on it. Obviously looks fake here, but the volume is pretty good on them! By themselves it looks kind of bare, so I suggest putting on equally as dramatic bottom lashes.
Here they are with Diamond Lash Charming eye. Together I think they look pretty nice!
With them on both of my eyes. The ends kind of poke you when they're applied on but it's not super horrendous and annoying.

Overall, I think these lashes are kind of fake looking but good for a dramatic look! The price is right for them and you can definitely reuse them since they're stiff. The comfort factor isn't really there, but remember you have to pay a little price for the price of beauty! Also definitely not for beginners as these might frustrate you if you have little patience for these heavy lashes.


  1. They are so dramatic! I think theyd be perfect for Manba, maybe not dramtic enough for Manba?! XD

  2. I like them! I think they're great for photos! It doesn't look so drowned out as some other lashes~ paired with your bottom lashes, totally lovely!

  3. I feel like they'd be perfect for a going out to the club fabulous party look.....def. not for everyday....*sigh* I wish we had awesome places to shop down here.....So jealous of Cali girls!! <3

  4. @ Samispoon
    Definitely these would probably be dramatic enough for manba!! I couldn't believe how much volume they really gave! 8D

    @ Dolly
    Yeah they look great when paired with the right bottom lashes. Make sure to pick them up since you're in the area :D

    @ PeachPixie
    Yeah these things aren't for everyday unless you're fabulous all the time or are a drag queen 8D I always get surprised when I find these random shops that are like gems!
    I wish you had more shops like this around you :(

  5. I like the combined look with the Diamond lash a lot!
    I haven't ssen those yet in Japan but as I'm not really good at putting lashes on i have to stick with lashes that have a thin band. But you definetly rock the look!

    thanks a lot for review!!!

  6. @ a-g-u
    Thanks! The new Diamond Lash series are incredibly hard to find, and I think they're only available at the 3 SBY stores in Tokyo and Osaka. You can buy them online though and starting on 12/1 they'll send a 40 page Diamond Lash catalog along with it!

  7. oh, i'm going to japantown in san francisco on december 12, i hope to find some like these! ><

  8. @ navjeet
    If you're going to Japantown the plaza that has both Daiso and Ichibankan is called Japan Center. There's a couple of buildings within it but once you find one of those stores they're only separated by a staircase :) Both stores sell their lashes for $1.50. Personally though I like Ichibankan much more because they carry multiple brands of eyelashes and have a bigger selection!

    Good luck in finding these!

  9. The lashes are pretty long. Amazing. I like the style of it, but I could never wear those, it'd make me self-conscious. I think it's for the more dramatic look x_x. Like rock or glam. You look so pretty in them though.

  10. I think they look cute but not for everyday make maybe? :) Well I'd definately want a pair!