Sunday, November 28, 2010

2 outfits and makeup changes

I hope everyone in the US had a fabulous Thanksgiving and Black Friday! I did and didn't at the same time, mostly because the screen on my phone is totally cracked. It still works but it's a sad thing to see :(

But anyways, here's some photos~

You know those times when you forget to take a picture of your outfit until you're just about ready to go to bed? That's what happened this time!
Shirt: Minnie Muse for Forever 21
Cardigan: Yumetenbo
Skirt + Scrunched fur scarf: Wet Seal

Here's 2 makeup shots of me in natural light so you can see my makeup better and less washed out. Since people were concerned about my skin before I made some changed to my makeup and this is the result! I'm pretty happy with how it is now :)
Here's the steps I did and products I used in case anyone is curious:
- Started with Sephora's perfection primer on my face
- Covered up my skin using Nanoche BB cream.
- Covered red spots with Cover FX foundation and stila concealer
- Topped off skin with Clinique powder
- Applied NYX's liquid contouring makeup around my face
- Used Iman blush duo on the side of my cheeks and Diamond Blush on the apples of my cheeks
- Applied NYX liquid highlighter on my nose and around my eyes
- Used Sephora's eyebrow powder (not produced anymore) to contour my nose and fill in my eyebrows
- Prepped my eyes with Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer and topped off with silver Sephora eyeshadow
- Lined my bottom eyelid with NYX's chubby white eyeliner and lined both eyelids with Maybelline's Eye Studio gel liner.
- Curled lashes and coated them with Rimmel's Glam'Eyes mascara
- Used Diamond Lash's Angel on top and Natural on bottom of my lashes.
- Finished with Smashbox lipstick and NARS lipgloss.
 Picture of my outfit and hair before "Disney-fying" my outfit up.
 With my Marie hat on!
The whole outfit together!
Bomber Jacket: Minnie Muse for Forever 21
Shirt: Vanquish
Skirt: Wet Seal
Tights: Kirei Plaza


  1. So totally jealous of that hat!!!! <3

    Sorry to hear about your phone...I took a huge chunk out of the side of mine.....

  2. Really like those Diamond Lashes on you!

    Hope you can fix your cellphone as well

  3. Youre so cute and Im liking the new makeup you tried! I feel like experimenting myself now! :D
    I really love your style, keep it up :D

  4. Love the new makeup! Gosh I wish I had time to do my makeup pretty...bleh..too lazy haha >.>
    And I am pretty jealous of that hat you have! It's sooooo cuuute :3

  5. omg that hat is so cute~~~
    I'm sorry to hear about your cell though ;__;

  6. I LOVE the Minnie Muse stuff! I was lucky enough to go to Forever21 yesterday and pick some stuff up. I ended up with a pair of sweatpants and two shirts! I still want the red cardigan with the Minnie heads on it, but the workers at the store told me they haven't gotten those in yet. But I'm going home this Thursday so hopefully it'll be there waiting for me! :D

    You're so cute!! Keep posting <3