Thursday, November 11, 2010

Disneyland's California Adventure: ElecTRONica

I'm working on another gal makeup post but I thought I would take a break from all the gal stuff and talk about/show pictures of the new attraction at California Adventure.
This new themed attraction was made in honor of Tron Legacy, the sequel to Tron which both are made by Disney Films. Featured in this attraction is 2 bars, a food truck serving snacks, movie theater screening a preview of Tron Legacy, Flynn's Arcade, an awesome laser show along with a DJ spinning for a dance floor/circle! If you want to go you should do it now, but make sure you go on the weekend because this attraction is only from Friday-Sunday except for Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks.
Awesome panoramic shot of ElecTRONica that Tony took. We got there right when it opened so it was still pretty empty.
Tony and his mom wanted to go to Flynn's first, which we did and it was a great idea! We met up with Tony's boss (owner of toddland) later that night and he said he couldn't get to play any games because of the crowds so we went at a good time :)
 Punch Out!
Arcade token from the arcade, even has the name of it on it :')
The arcade is supposed to be a pretty much exact replica of the arcade from the movies and features a bunch of retro 80's games. The games were in excellent working order and played like they were new! Just like back in the day too, all the games were only a quarter each! So if you're into retro games and want to play on the cheap it's an excellent place to get your game on.
We hit up one of the bars next and got some drinks. They only have 2 alcoholic drinks, but just the fact that they even have them is amazing! For years Disneyland has refused to serve alcoholic drinks within the public area of the park, and the only times you could get alcohol within the park was at the exclusive Club 33 or Ariel's Grotto. To keep up with the glow theme they added glowing ice cubes or a glowing martini glass that you can keep! The drink in the green glass is the "Glowjito", which is a typical mojito. The other drink is the "Digitini", which is a lemonade based martini. Drink prices were $10.50 and $11.50 respectively, and while they're expensive you have to remember you ARE at Disneyland! They were pretty heavy too, so you only need one!
That's all the pictures I have from the attraction :( Other than that the preview of the movie (in 3D!) is a MUST to go to, and watching the laser show is pretty awesome too. I'll probably go to this a few more times since I have an annual pass :D

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