Thursday, November 4, 2010

First pair of circle lenses!

First I'll start off with something not on the title topic, but today is Tony and I's 2 year anniversary together! We can't really have much fun since we're both busy with school work but we have an awesome Saturday and Sunday planned :D

I was kind of against circle lenses before, until I tried out Sakurina's purikura machine at Round 1 about a month ago. On her machine you can change your hair color or add circle lenses on, and this is how it looked:
Needless to say, I was convinced of how good they looked from them on. I went out to go get a prescription for them and found out I have an astigmatism! I am still a newbie to contacts in general, and it's especially harder for me to get circle lenses because of it T_T

I did some research and went with because they had the most customizable and varied options for my problem. I wanted bigger looking eyes and wanted it to look natural, so I went with Neo Toric Dali Extra Gray lenses.

This picture helped me decide that I really wanted them, even though I didn't buy it from the store I found it on (oops...)

I can't really give a proper review for them since I have a shit ton of stuff to do for school, but I did try them on and took pictures of the package :)

The pouch everything came in and the care manual. Apparently they are psychic because purple is pretty much one of my favorite colors *_*
Adorable dog shaped contact lens care case, plus the actual lenses next to it.
 Tweezers for taking off contacts, bottle to use for solution and the lens case.
 The actual contacts!
I put them on with this picture and you can see how huge my eye looks with them on! They're probably going to be a bitch to put on, especially because my left eye is so sensitive. But I'll do my best and try to wear them this weekend ^0^;;

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  1. That Puri is amazing XD
    Im liking your lenses too they create a good size for you :D and the case is cute!