Friday, November 12, 2010

A gal trend I love: Recession proof makeup

Let me be honest. I hate a lot of the gal trends going on right now, especially all of the fur and nordic prints. I don't want to look like a furry, wear real fur OR look like I stole my grandma's sweaters! I don't mind if any of you do like these trends, but that's just my personal opinion.

However, I'm up for anything that is recession proof or as I'd like to call it "fru~gyaru" (lol see what I did there). Egg's December issue featured a spread called "Kawacheap Make", short for Kawaii Cheap Makeup. The spread shows that you can spend very little on makeup and still look fabulous!
A little note to name is that Romihi is wearing Diamond Lash's Celeb + Baby eyes, the sames ones I did a review of earlier! Romihi's Look total price: 4080yen
 Nemoyayo's Look total price: 6060yen
 Yumachi's Look total price: 3800yen
 Manya's Look total price: 2500yen
Mihi's Look total price: 2500yen
Rina's eyelashes are "Chou Zetsu Deka me" for 100yen at Seria stores in Japan. Rina's Look total price: 2300yen
Natsuko's eyelashes are Daiso #10, which you can purchase 10 packs of them for $20. Natsuko's Look total price: 1400yen

Unfortunately most of the items featured are either only in Japan or prices are very inflated overseas. Canmake especially is inflated, because YesStyle and eBay sells them for 2x the price they are in Japan! 
For the pair of Daiso lower eyelashes that a lot of the models used in this spread, you can buy 10 packs for $20. The cheapest place I have seen the Canmake eyelashes online are here for $10 a pair. But since most of us aren't in Japan, here's awesome options for you guys!

Eyelashes don't have to be expensive, even some Japanese brands!
Japanese brands:
  • Daiso sells their eyelashes internationally in 10 packs for an economical price of $20!
  • Dear Laura's pa* brand of eyelashes come in a wide variety of styles and can be found for under $4 a pair! You can find them for $3.50 a pair at Cosmeland USA.
  • Surprisingly, you can find Melliesh (Yui Kanno from Popteen's brand) eyelashes at Marukai for only $11! You can also find the first series of Diamond Lash at Marukai stores for $11.
  • Sasa has probably the largest selection of Japanese eyelashes (including bulk packs) online, but they are often out of stock of lashes.
While I do suggest wearing Japanese styled eyelashes to get the gal look, you can also look at select overseas brands from Korea, the US and the UK!
  • Darkness and Model 21 eyelashes from Korea are no doubt very popular with gals and ulzzang girls. They sell these types of eyelashes in store at select Mitsuwa and Marukai markets as well.
  • Select styles of MAC, NYX, Ardell, and Red Cherry eyelashes work well. They sell Red Cherry eyelashes at my local Japanese gift store near my school (Tokyo Lifestyle).
  • Eylure of the UK have great eyelashes, especially the Girls Aloud collection!
Western products that gyaru love
  • As you can see from the spread, the gals love Revlon's Color Stay foundation. Available from $9.99-12.99 at your local drug and beauty stores.
  • Maybelline's eye products are a hit with gals, especially their Eye Studio Gel Liner and The Colossal Volum' Express products. Gel liner is available for $9.99 and mascara from $5.99-7.99 at your local drug and beauty stores.
  • Anything from NYX works for gals! Whether it is eyeliner, eyelashes or blush, it all works! Check out one of my earlier posts for how to use NYX products for gal makeup.
  • Although not recession proof, MAC, Christian Dior, Chanel and Nars makeup products are also incredibly popular with gals.
My personal suggestions for cheap products
  • While I personally don't use their products (yet), I have heard good things about Coastal Scents from my friends and online.
  • Rimmel is one of my favorite cheap brands of makeup, especially their Glam'Eyes Mascara.
  • Do you have an Ulta Beauty store by you? If you do and haven't already, you better join their rewards program! They have probably one of the BEST rewards programs from any store I've been to, and they often send out catalogs to your house with coupons and discounts on drugstore and high end brands of makeup. Not only do I go there to buy my beauty products, but I also get my hair done at their Salon! My favorite product of theirs is their Automatic Eye Liner.


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