Monday, February 28, 2011

Giveaway item reveal Part 1: Melliesh Lip Gloss in Honey Apricot and NYX's Ultra Pearl Shadow in Gold Pearl

My giveaway has been heavily delayed by a shipment of stuff coming from Japan due to Japan To Door being slow, which will be coming this week hopefully. Because of this, I will slowly reveal items that will be in my 100 followers giveaway :D It'll also give a chance for other people to start following me if they want to participate in it~

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Outfit and makeup shots for the last AI gathering~

I made a post last month about going to a gathering at Arcade Infinity in Rowland Heights, CA because it was supposed to be its last day of operation. It was saved for a little bit, but due to some issues with the city they're forced to shut down its doors tomorrow (2/27). I went for one last time with my friends, it didn't really hit me that it's really going away though. I've been going there pretty much since it opened 10 years ago, so it's really sad to see it go!

I also went to Beauty Corner for the first time. They have a lot of nice Japanese cosmetics (like KATE, Dolly Wink, Melliesh, etc) but it was even more overpriced than Mitsuwa and Marukai!! Sad face :( But I got one of the Dolly Wink eyeshadow palettes and those scary collagen face masks since they're the same price as the other markets. I only really went to grab the Dolly Wink catalogs but didn't want to leave empty handed ^^;;

My makeup and hair for the day! I did it really similar to yesterday's makeup when I first tried on the Chocolate lenses, except changed my top lashes to Diamond Lash Glamorous eye. I also used Redken's Full Frame 07 Protecting Volumizing Mousse for the first time. My hair looks really healthy after using it and my friends gave me compliments so I will definitely be using this normally now! It also did something that most volumizing products don't do for me: actually add volume to my hair :P

A closeup on my eye makeup. I found out that SMH's Sex Kitten makes a very nice highlighter, which I use under my eyebrow! I thought it was going to go on opaque and pink like most of their shadows but it just adds a bit of twinkle :D

Since my bathroom lighting tends to wash out my makeup on camera, I decided to take a webcam picture showing that I really am wearing a lot of makeup :P

My outfit was a bit Jun Komori/Vanquish styled for today!
Sweater one piece: Yumetenbo
Belt: Wet Seal
Shorts: Wet Seal
Tights: Kirei Plaza, but you can purchase these on KKCenterHK as well!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winner of the Lunar New Year Giveaway!

My Lunar New Year giveaway ended yesterday, so I'm happy to announce the winner!

The winner is...
An (l-article) of L'ordinaire!

I will be e-mailing you soon <3 Everyone stay tuned for the next giveaway which should happen within the next week or two! and a HUGE thanks to everyone who have been following me!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Circle lens review: Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown (Bambi Chocolate Brown)

Yesterday I received my order of Geo Princess Mimi in Chocolate. It's the same as Tsubasa Masuwaka's Angel Color Bambi Chocolate, just with a different label and much cheaper than what you'd pay in Japan! These were ordered through Unlike Japan, you can actually order these in your prescription instead of only getting the plano version of them :D

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello, I was directed from Magdalena's blog about the Diamond Lash lashes, and I was wondering if you could also help me with buying the lashes from your local store? Thanks a lot in advance :)

Hello, thank you for your interest!

I currently only can get the first series (hot pink trays) locally, and some are in stock here:

If you're interested in other styles then you can try my "Build your own Diamond Lash packs".
I only have a few things in stock right now but I will be getting the entire Ladies Glamorous (purple trays) in within the next week or 2.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[Sponsored Post] ES brand fake eyelashes style A28 from KKCenterHK

Hello everyone! I'm doing a sponsored post for KKCenterHK and they sent me a pack of ES A28 eyelashes. I kindly thank them for letting me have the chance of doing a review for them, and remember that this post is purely my own opinion!

Go here if you want to buy the lashes:
ES Brand 10 Pairs Black Spiky Tail Fake Lashes

Or go directly to the KKCenterHK store! They have a lot of different items besides from eyelashes. This includes: wigs, hosiery, beauty products and more! Definitely check out their hosiery section, which features many of the Japanese stockings I wear from Kirei Plaza... without the need of a Japanese shopping service! Please remember to mention my blog when ordering from them☆

Friday, February 18, 2011

Momoeri package get + Dolly Wink vs. Momoeri Liquid Liner review

I made a post here about ordering through Momoeri's Moery Rakuten store, and I got my package of goods today!

 The box as it arrived. Isn't the shipping box so cute?!
The items that I got: a Prisila wig, Can can hat and Momoeri's Long Beam Eyeliner. Each package comes with your receipt in a clear file folder (which you can use, obviously) and a nice postcard with a message from Momoeri.

The rest of the items will be in the cut!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Agejo Valentine's day

Tony and I wanted to have a nice Valentine's day, but the day already didn't start off so well because the present I bought for him didn't come... and won't come for ANOTHER WEEK!! Capcom Store, you really screwed us over :( I bought Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for him and it was "99% guaranteed to come before release day", which was yesterday. My order was "shipped" on Friday and it took 4 days for it to travel from MN to IN... which is backtracking because it needs to be in CA! My tracking status still hasn't been updated for it either so I'm not optimistic about getting it any time soon for something that was shipped US Economy Post. :/

lol to make it not any better I got sick over the weekend and am still feeling it. I hate having to miss classes and I've had to do that twice this week already.

But enough rant, I'll get to what Tony and I did! He made reservations for us (2 months in advance) at Blue Bayou, which is a restaurant at the Disneyland Park that is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2 Agejo Rakuten Stores, 2 different experiences

I will talk about Moery (Momoeri's store) and L-Mary. Both of these stores sell practically the same type of items (agejo dresses, makeup, Prisila wigs, etc) and claim they ship internationally. Only one of them went through and shipped the order, the winner is Moery.

What happened with L-Mary? Why did I originally order from them?
I was looking for eyelash cases on Rakuten for my next giveaway (well that gives out one of the surprises lol) and stumbled upon L-Mary. I then found this listing of cheap Diamond Lashes (I'm an obvious sucker for those) and it showed they shipped internationally through Rakuten's Borderless program. I was sold! I made my order on 1/13/11, and waited... and waited...
L-Mary never went through with an order or even a confirmation! I had to get Rakuten customer service involved to try to get them to send me a confirmation. Despite Rakuten's effort to contact them twice (I contacted them as well, in Japanese nonetheless!) they never went through with any order and I just gave up on them. Luckily I was never charged for anything, but it almost left me without faith in trusting Rakuten shops to fulfill orders.

To test another Rakuten store, I picked Moery this time to see if they would fulfill my order. 
Moery is Momoeri's Rakuten store that sells anything from agejo dresses to even weird things like Momoeri brand car goods and tequila shot balls. I respect her for being a working mom and entrepreneur, and having wonderful customer service! I ordered my items a day ago and it was shipped today for a very reasonable shipping fee of 2220yen for eyeliner, a hat and a wig!

Because I'm so happy with Moery's service, here's some links to item categories in her store.
- Momoeri goods: From here you can get find whatever products you want that Momoeri produced. It features everything from makeup, car goods and fashion items!
- Agejo dresses (by brand): If you click on the magazine images/titles on the menu on the left, it'll take you to the dresses that were featured in those issues of ageha and Betty!
- Casual clothes: A lot of the items are produced by Momoeri along with popular gals brands like DURAS. There is a mix of affordable clothes along with imported clothes from LA.
- Wigs: All types, including Prisila's newest styles and kids wigs! Many of them are also on sale as well.
- Shoes: She sells many American brands (meaning American sizes, for those of you in Japan looking for bigger shoes!), but she also has some of her own produced ones along with some Japanese brands.

I'll also show off some of her products, under the cut!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Diamond Beauty: 2/25 new series

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day! Tony and I had a good time and ate very expensive food at Disneyland, I'll make a post about it later :D

I receive the Diamond Beauty newsletter and got a notice mentioning they're launching some new beauty products at the end of this month! I'll explain the products <3
These models for these new products are Mizukitty (Popteen), Sayaka Araki (now former ageha model, officially graduating this month!) and Remi Sakamoto (egg). Starting on 2/25, SBY stores will give you a free Diamond Beauty pouch with a purchase of the pressed powders.

Diamond Eyebrow Concealer: This product is supposed to help you be able to color your eyebrows and make them match your hair color.
01 Creamy Yellow
02 Caramel Brown
03 Strawberry Brown
04 Choco Brown

Diamond Puff: Pressed powder versions of their famous matte powders.
Princess Face
Dolly Face

Diamond Nose Makeup: A small palette that is used for highlighting and contouring your nose. The darkest shade can also be used as an eyebrow powder.
Princess Nose
Dolly Nose

I'm very glad they're expanding their beauty line, as I'm a fan of their blush. I'm very excited to try the loose powder very soon and hope it'll become a staple in my beauty regime!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thanks everyone for 100 followers!!

I've finally reached 100 followers and I'm so happy, considering since it has been a little less than 6 months since I restarted my blog! The 100 follower giveaway will be coming soon, I just have to wait for my next package from Japan to come :D

Photo dump of a week of cell phone pictures!

Off topic before I get to the pictures, but I will be getting the entire Diamond Lashes Ladies Glamorous series (Purple trays) in about a week! I will be opening up custom packs again soon :D~

I've had kind of a bad week (as I said earlier I had a 2 day migraine) and not only that my bottom eyelid has been swollen for the last couple of days :( But other than that I can just show you pictures of my week~

Friday, February 11, 2011

I've seen all of that stuff on gyaru secrets about you. People are so horrible. You are one of the most HELPFUL members of our gal community. You're beautiful. Keep shining. <3

Thank you so much for the compliments! I want to be really helpful to the many girls who are like me~

I know that the last secret that was posted about me was debunked by a few anon's when they realized that the person who wrote about me being fat was also a big girl herself. It's sad to see people who need to take out their anger on someone just because they're similar body shapes :(

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I really admire you ^^! your confidence when i look at your pictures and read your blog makes me feel happy and im thinking in going back to gyaru style, since i dropped it because im chubby :C Thanxs for all!!!!! <3

I'm happy you would say such nice things about me!

You shouldn't feel bad for being chubby and being gyaru! A lot of the people who are secret haters actually have never been to Japan and seen that despite what magazines show, there ARE normal shaped/bigger Japanese gyaru. Haters have very unrealistic expectations that magazine models = all Japanese gyaru, which is definitely not true :D

I wish you good luck into your journey back into gyaru!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lunar New Year Giveaway!

I totally just remembered I was supposed to have a 75 follower giveaway, but I forgot! Just count this as a Lunar New Year giveaway :D There will be another giveaway at 100 (which is coming VERY soon...), after that we will see :P

What's in it:
- 2 pairs of Glamorous styled eyelashes from Sonia Kashuk
- Ulta Pencil Eyeliner
- L'Oreal HIP Metallic Eyeshadow Duo
- Strawberry designed fake toenail set
- Japanese starry lace tights (they're very stretchy and can fit sizes US XS-XL)

Detailed pictures:
 Closeup on the fake toe nail set
 Closeup on the eyelashes. These are professional quality and include their own cases and glue. These are similar styles to what ageha model Yurika wears.
 Ulta Eyeliner in dark gray and L'Oreal Metallic Eyeshadow Duo. Ulta's eyeliners are a favorite of mine and the L'Oreal HIP line is known for being richly pigmented!

- Open worldwide, so I'll ship this to whoever wins it no matter where you live!
- Please comment with your name, e-mail and blog link for 1 entry.
- You'll get 1 extra entry if you advertise my giveaway on your blog (blogger, wordpress and livejournal are fine), twitter, tumblr or wherever else :) Remember to mention in the comments where you promoted it!
- You either have to be a follower of me on here or my LiveJournal. No exceptions!

Deadline: February 25th 2011 5pm PST

Migraines and some beauty buys

So yesterday I got what I believe to be my first migraine, which lasted all yesterday and up until afternoon today :( I couldn't do much at all, not even my homework so I have to turn them in late! At least the migraine cleared up enough for me to take my first science test this semester. It was really scary though since I didn't know what was going on, I just noticed that driving was really hard for me yesterday and despite taking a nap for 2 hours yesterday nothing cleared up. In fact, it got even worse! My head hurt so bad and it even hurt to close my eyes when I tried to sleep, I hope I don't experience it again :(

But anyways, after my test today I headed to Ulta to make a hair appointment for Thursday. I couldn't leave empty handed, and definitely not after they just expanded the NYX section <3
I got Rimmel's Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night mascara, NYX Super Skinny Marker and NYX High Definition Eye Shadow Base
The Super Skinny Marker is a felt tip pen applicator. I wanted to try another liquid liner since Dolly Wink's is currently my favorite (but too expensive, can't always splurge $18 for it).
Here's a quick swatch of it compared to the Dolly Wink liner. The color of NYX's is bolder than Dolly Wink, but it smudges easier~ I will have to try it out for real though before I can judge it 100%.
I'm a big fan of Rimmel's Glam'Eyes Mascara line, so when I saw it in this month's Cosmopolitan magazine I knew I had to get it!

I also purchased some new fake lashes from Rakuten via Japan to Door, so I will let everyone know about those when I get them in :D

Monday, February 7, 2011

Some photos from the past couple of days~

I haven't been doing too much except getting situated at school still and haven't had any good coordinates lately. Girls, make sure you guys do your laundry or else you'll be stuck like me with a boring wardrobe and a slow dryer :(

So I guess the rest of the post will be some pictures and stuff?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gal Survey

I stole this from Tomo, you should check her blog out because she's all sorts of fabu~

I remember awhile ago you posted some rakuten stores that offered plus size gal clothing. one was dreamv. what was the other ones? Also, do you know of any plus size gal brads?

Gold Japan and Mimmin are the other 2 that I've mentioned in this post: I also have a few being sold in this post: Another site I've found that sells clothes/shoes/costumes is here:
There aren't really any specific plus size gal brands, just some of the manufacturers in China will make certain designs in extra sizes and the shops will sell those specifically.

Can we film this when I come to California?

Yes we can bb <3