Friday, February 25, 2011

Circle lens review: Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown (Bambi Chocolate Brown)

Yesterday I received my order of Geo Princess Mimi in Chocolate. It's the same as Tsubasa Masuwaka's Angel Color Bambi Chocolate, just with a different label and much cheaper than what you'd pay in Japan! These were ordered through Unlike Japan, you can actually order these in your prescription instead of only getting the plano version of them :D

The case and the vials of contacts when they came!
When you open your vials make sure you retrieve the lenses and put them in it's case without the original liquid! It's not originally in solution, so you need to use your own. Be advised I do not recommend just putting on the lenses right away. Let it soak in contact solution overnight. Your eyes will thank you!
The design of it! It's really interesting because it looks very red.
The only negative that I have to say about the case is that the Right eye is colored white. Most of my contact cases have Right eye as colored pink, so it'll take a bit of time to adjust to it ^^;;

24 hours later...
After soaking them overnight it was finally time to put them on!
One eye in, one eye out (no flash, natural lighting). You can see how big of enlargement these have!
Both eyes in (no flash, bathroom lighting). These lenses are so big that is looks really unnatural to wear without makeup. I definitely recommend saving these lenses for when you're going to wear a good amount of makeup.
Here I am with my whole face on! I changed up my makeup style just a bit and I really think it suits the lenses very well :D
Closeup on my eye! I'm wearing Diamond Lash Celeb eye on top and Baby eye on bottom. It's a bit based on Romihi since she uses the same ones all the time.
Here's a closeup of the lenses in with makeup on. I'm posting this a bit large so you can see more details!

  • After the initial shock of "oh these lenses are new, time to hurt your eyes!!" and using eye drops to soothe them, they were fine!
  • Lenses are comfortable now! As of posting time, I've been wearing them for about a 3 hour duration.
  • I guess something negative (might just be me) is that they took a bit more time to focus my vision (a couple of minutes of blurriness ensued). I guess it's because I have astigmatism... but my EOS lenses don't take any time to focus. So idk :/
  • They blend very well with my natural eyes!
  • They look really scary without makeup! Not very natural looking but really cool design~
  • Soften up a bit when more makeup and lashes are added, looks really good :D
These are actual my first pair of Geo lenses, so I didn't know what to expect from them initially. I'm actually very happy with the way they look on me, after seeing soooo many magazine models wearing them!


  1. Wow, I really like those lenses and I think they look great on you! They really draw attention to the eyes! :D Pretty design!
    Too bad they are not too comfortable for you!

  2. Ohhh, I LOVE how those came out. I always feel brown looks too natural, these have a lovely drama to them, especially with how nice your make-up is too *o*

  3. these are such pretty lenses! :) they really make your eyes pop and look amazing on you! :3

  4. Wooow, they look goood. (б.б) I do love the color of these lenses - I've been considering a green pair of lenses for my next pair, but now that I see this, I may change my mind....(>∇<;) loove your make-up btw, haha ❤

  5. Looking beautiful as always Dom! *_____*

  6. They look so pretty! I really like the effect and the fact that it blends with brown eyes very well! :D And I love your makeup too! :3

  7. @ Magdalena
    They are so pretty! But you're right about them not being so comfortable, the water content is a bit low on them so they tend to dry out easily :( But definitely worth it for how pretty they are!

    @ Valentine
    I definitely thought the same thing originally with brown lenses, which is why I usually opt for grey. I kept seeing models wear these and King Brown's so I had to get them!

    @ sugar sugar
    Thank you :D

    @ Mei
    You should definitely get the green version of these lenses, I'd think they look AMAZING on you!!

    @ Emy
    Thank you bb <3

    @ l-article
    Thanks so much! I definitely agree they blend in VERY well with brown eyes, but they can even look good on people with light eyes. Viivi did a review on her green eyes and they have the same effect :D

  8. Hi, compared to king brown, does this appear much bigger on the eye?
    how many % is the similarity?
    thank you~

  9. @ Ruuka
    These definitely show up way bigger than King Brown! The size is bigger in diameter as well :) I think possibly 20-25% bigger?

  10. Great detailed review!! I got these lenses recently too. I actually think these look really natural! I agree with you though, that it's hard to focus your eyes with these lenses for some vision gets quite blurred...but I love them so much I'll still wear them >.<