Monday, February 7, 2011

Some photos from the past couple of days~

I haven't been doing too much except getting situated at school still and haven't had any good coordinates lately. Girls, make sure you guys do your laundry or else you'll be stuck like me with a boring wardrobe and a slow dryer :(

So I guess the rest of the post will be some pictures and stuff?

I went with Tony and a few friends to the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fight Club in Downtown Los Angeles last Thursday~ forgot to take a picture of my makeup/coordinate :( I was wearing last years Capcom Fight Club shirt.

 The club was in this ghetto alley in downtown. Smelled like piss and weed, but the line was really long and people were willing to wait!
 Nintendo 3DS display, this is the first time they've been shown publicly in the US.
 A view of the club from above. It was very crowded and I hated that... went to the basement a lot so I could breathe T_T
 Trish from Devil May Cry being projected on the ceiling with pretty lights.
Tony's team with Viewtiful Joe, M.O.D.O.K. and Amaterasu. He won this match :D

On Saturday I received my order from All Cosmetics Wholesale. I really recommend it, they have a lot of discontinued products besides from being much cheaper :D I was originally there for Urban Decay products, but I ended up not getting any from them!
 I bought a SMH (Stars Makeup Haven) empty eyeshadow palette and bought the shades that are listed in the picture. They're $6 each and are very comparable to MAC and Urban Decay eyeshadows. You can look at all of the shades here.
 The L'Oreal Bare Naturale lip conditioner was a free gift for ordering! The other things are MAC Slimshine in Bare and Dazzleglass in Bare Necessity. All of these products are amazing so far, and I was actually surprised how moist the Slimshine lipstick was :D

The same day Tony and I got a call from our friends to go to his house for a friend's birthday, so I didn't have a lot of time to get ready :(
I wanted to try something different with my eye makeup. Maybe from this angle it doesn't look very good, but I'm still debating if I like it or not! I layered Diamond Lash Glamorous + Angel together on top with Princess on bottom.
 My bangs are so long, but I'll definitely fix it soon (also get my hair recolored). I'm wearing SMH eyeshadow in "In a bind" and MAC Slimshine in Bare.
One of my favorite food trucks, Dos Chinos, got a wrap for their truck finally! It looks so amazing now~


  1. Oooh the 3DS I'm so excited for that. The shades you got seem so nice~

  2. I have a similar shade of Lip Glass and I lovvveee it!!

  3. Waoh your eyemakeup is AMAZING!
    You always have the best lashes on!

    Hope you had lots of fun in LA!
    BTW are you going to the Rilakkuma Party in LA this Saturday?! If you are I'd love to meet you!

  4. @ Kotori
    I'm excited for the 3DS too :D The eyeshadows so far are really nice, although I've only tried 'In a bind' and 'Afterglow' so far.

    @ Samispoon
    I love MAC's lip products, so I'm glad I got these ones!

    @ Emy
    Thank you! I heard about the Rilakkuma party and maybe I'll try to come, although I'm sure my boyfriend will be more interested in going to Round 1 for games lol

    Also I saw your reply to me on your blog, and yes I do live in Orange County!