Saturday, February 26, 2011

Winner of the Lunar New Year Giveaway!

My Lunar New Year giveaway ended yesterday, so I'm happy to announce the winner!

The winner is...
An (l-article) of L'ordinaire!

I will be e-mailing you soon <3 Everyone stay tuned for the next giveaway which should happen within the next week or two! and a HUGE thanks to everyone who have been following me!


  1. Congraaats~!!! (=゜ω゜)ノ〜ミ☆

  2. Congrats to An, she is so sweet and lovely!

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaah I just freaked out when I checked my email just now! Yay and thanks so much!! Aww man you just gave me a permanent goofy smile for the rest of the day and possibly weekend XD