Monday, February 14, 2011

Diamond Beauty: 2/25 new series

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day! Tony and I had a good time and ate very expensive food at Disneyland, I'll make a post about it later :D

I receive the Diamond Beauty newsletter and got a notice mentioning they're launching some new beauty products at the end of this month! I'll explain the products <3
These models for these new products are Mizukitty (Popteen), Sayaka Araki (now former ageha model, officially graduating this month!) and Remi Sakamoto (egg). Starting on 2/25, SBY stores will give you a free Diamond Beauty pouch with a purchase of the pressed powders.

Diamond Eyebrow Concealer: This product is supposed to help you be able to color your eyebrows and make them match your hair color.
01 Creamy Yellow
02 Caramel Brown
03 Strawberry Brown
04 Choco Brown

Diamond Puff: Pressed powder versions of their famous matte powders.
Princess Face
Dolly Face

Diamond Nose Makeup: A small palette that is used for highlighting and contouring your nose. The darkest shade can also be used as an eyebrow powder.
Princess Nose
Dolly Nose

I'm very glad they're expanding their beauty line, as I'm a fan of their blush. I'm very excited to try the loose powder very soon and hope it'll become a staple in my beauty regime!


  1. All of this looks lovely! I have Palty eyebrow mascara now, I really like it! But I don't know if I will buy an asian product again, since I can buy american/european brands here easily... but it still looks cute! :D

  2. I'm always nervous about using foundations, since I react to them easily, but I sure wouldn't mind trying the nose powder!

  3. Oh fun!! Sadly I have virgin black hair so the eyebrow concealer won't work for me haha but the nose powder sounds interesting!

  4. @ Magdalena
    The collection does definitely look nice, but not too sure if they're worth buying! lol
    I have a Palty gel liner, which is nice except there's way too much glitter in it when I just want clean lines :( Maybelline's is really good for that though~ Some Asian products are nice to have though, especially the specialized contouring products :D

    @ Sara Mari
    I am the same way too, my face is very picky when it comes to face products! Here in the US Clinique works the best on me since they're hypoallergenic. Japan's nanoce BB cream and powder is very light though and I've been using that along with CoverFX (found at Sephora) foundation as concealer and some Clinique powder as well.
    The nose powder is quite intriguing, but I tend to try to save money and just use my eyebrow powder for my nose! haha

    @ l-article
    It is admirable to keep having black hair, I haven't had it since probably 7th grade lol While it's great Diamond Beauty is making a more gal-specialized nose powder palette, some other companies already made it (like Canmake and Cezanne).

  5. I use Diamond Puff's loose powder...and while I like it, I really don't appreciate what a big mess it is! I guess they made it to be used only with the puff and not to tap the powder into the cap and use a brush from there. The plastic part that keeps the powder intact tends to fall off on me when I try tapping the powder onto the lid and cause the powder to go everywhere and make a huge I only put on my loose powder over the sink. u_u

    I might try their eyebrow concealer when it comes out. That pouch is adorable though...

  6. @ clairparfait
    Thanks for your opinions about it! Which style of it did you get? I'm getting mine next week so I'll see if the packaging is better with me or if it's a common problem :(

    You should get it if you're in Tokyo! Also I read on your blog about you having a shopping service? I'd definitely be interested in being one of your clients :D

  7. I use Princess Face, so the transparent kind. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it, but the cap also seems to not be designed to keep the powder in without the puff. I found this out the hard way while travelling. My makeup bag was such mess! So now I'm very, very careful with it. =.=
    Which one did you get? I'm kind of curious to see what kind of a different look Dolly Face can give you.

    Thank you for reading and following me, as well as your interest too! :) Here's my shopping service:

  8. @ clairparfait
    I ordered Dolly face so we can both compare them :D

    I will bookmark your link and once I find items I want I'll e-mail you! :D