Sunday, February 27, 2011

Outfit and makeup shots for the last AI gathering~

I made a post last month about going to a gathering at Arcade Infinity in Rowland Heights, CA because it was supposed to be its last day of operation. It was saved for a little bit, but due to some issues with the city they're forced to shut down its doors tomorrow (2/27). I went for one last time with my friends, it didn't really hit me that it's really going away though. I've been going there pretty much since it opened 10 years ago, so it's really sad to see it go!

I also went to Beauty Corner for the first time. They have a lot of nice Japanese cosmetics (like KATE, Dolly Wink, Melliesh, etc) but it was even more overpriced than Mitsuwa and Marukai!! Sad face :( But I got one of the Dolly Wink eyeshadow palettes and those scary collagen face masks since they're the same price as the other markets. I only really went to grab the Dolly Wink catalogs but didn't want to leave empty handed ^^;;

My makeup and hair for the day! I did it really similar to yesterday's makeup when I first tried on the Chocolate lenses, except changed my top lashes to Diamond Lash Glamorous eye. I also used Redken's Full Frame 07 Protecting Volumizing Mousse for the first time. My hair looks really healthy after using it and my friends gave me compliments so I will definitely be using this normally now! It also did something that most volumizing products don't do for me: actually add volume to my hair :P

A closeup on my eye makeup. I found out that SMH's Sex Kitten makes a very nice highlighter, which I use under my eyebrow! I thought it was going to go on opaque and pink like most of their shadows but it just adds a bit of twinkle :D

Since my bathroom lighting tends to wash out my makeup on camera, I decided to take a webcam picture showing that I really am wearing a lot of makeup :P

My outfit was a bit Jun Komori/Vanquish styled for today!
Sweater one piece: Yumetenbo
Belt: Wet Seal
Shorts: Wet Seal
Tights: Kirei Plaza, but you can purchase these on KKCenterHK as well!


  1. Awh, AI is actually going down. I'm waaay surprised. Dude, I was already in shock when they closed down Life Plaza. That was like a LANDMARK!!! Now AI too! It's so saadddd. (*゜―゜)

    Aside from the sadness, you look adorable!! And your hair does look different. It looks a lot healthier!! Redken has some pretty good products.

    You know? I just realized, you have 109 followers noww~~ get it? 109? Haha... oh so lame I am... (=∇=;|||)

  2. You have amazing style Dom!

    Gosh I love beauty corner too lol!!

  3. Wow, everytime you post a makeup photo your technique gets better and better. That makeup looks great on you!!

    That sweater really does look like a Vanquish item XD

  4. You're right, in the picture your hair looks incredibly healthy and has a nice glow to it! :o

    You should definitely try outdoor (sunlight) lighting if you want better shots of your makeup. My bathroom always washes me out too. T_T But as always, I love your makeup! ^^

  5. you look really fresh & pretty in your photos! :3

  6. Lovely photos as usual! :D I really like that eyelash combo! With the lenses! And the sweater!! and everything!! haha :]

  7. Your absolutely beautiful ;____;

    Agree with Emy when she says you have amazing style!

  8. @ Mei
    Yeah it's definitely sad to see AI go down. It's been one of my local arcades since it opened! My other local arcade closed down about 8 years ago too, so it was all I had left :'(

    and thanks for your compliments! Redken definitely has great products! My hair stylist used it on me the last few times I've been so this time I went for it when I saw the small sized ones :D

    I saw that I had 109 followers and thought the exact same thing! lol

    @ Emy
    Thanks so much bb <3

    I like the products at Beauty Corner but the owner there is pretty nosy. When I tried out/looked at products she would be like "THIS IS BB CREAM" "THIS IS ONLY USE FOR HIGHLIGHTER" and stuff, which obviously I already knew :/ lol My bf and I thought it was kind of ironic that she ran a beauty shop but didn't wear any makeup herself :x

    @ Sara Mari
    Thank you so much! I've been trying to switch around my makeup style to see what suits me. I like this style a lot so far :D

    and yeah, I bought the sweater on Yumetenbo because the Jun Komori x Vanquish sweater that was similar to this was sold out when I wanted it :( So very very Vanquish styled, lol

    @ Dolly
    Thanks! I definitely want to try taking my makeup in natural lighting, but sometimes it's too late to do it :( Like when I took these it was already night out. :'(

    @ sugar sugar
    Thanks :D

    @ l-article
    Thanks so much :D

    @ Mie
    Thanks!! You always look great as well :D Especially your hair, I would kill to have it <3

  9. You look really beautiful!!! :D i was wondering if you have made any tutorial <,< because i really love the way you make up your eyes! ♥

    Loving polka dots! *u*