Friday, February 11, 2011

I've seen all of that stuff on gyaru secrets about you. People are so horrible. You are one of the most HELPFUL members of our gal community. You're beautiful. Keep shining. <3

Thank you so much for the compliments! I want to be really helpful to the many girls who are like me~

I know that the last secret that was posted about me was debunked by a few anon's when they realized that the person who wrote about me being fat was also a big girl herself. It's sad to see people who need to take out their anger on someone just because they're similar body shapes :(


  1. I seen that secret! That was the most (excuse my language) fucked up shit I ever seen. I love how positive you are! and It's true you are the most helpful!!! 70% of popular gyaru's will not give access or answer questions on how they get most of their import clothing, or shopping sites,honest make up reviews or eyelash. I don't understand it at all! This goes beyond haters. I wish that community would have never been created!! It's so damn negative. nothing positive barely. I stopped reading that because I had to check myself and I thought why am I even looking at this pile of filth? Sad to say but some people have neither the courage or self-esteem for that matter to even try out the gyaru fashion.So why even comment on someone else? you know? How I see it I'd like to see them do better! I know it seems so petty getting angry over that community but I just hate reading blog posts about how some one mentioned them on there and it's usually the comments on "how big someone is" or "how tacky their outfits are". How about you STFU and instead of wasting time commenting on someone style or looks you look at yourself. Are you any better??? Can you do better?! I'm sorry.I wish I had the positive attitude you have. I just get so worked up about bullshit. Fuck that community. I just dislike the hate it bestows. The sad part is like the previous MOD and even the new one can and has the ability despite was has been said control what is being distributed out there but they choose not too. It's almost as if they enjoy drama being started. It's pathetic. I just had to rant.What's most despicable just because you have low self esteem does not mean you have the divine right to mirror any personal feeling on someone else. If the shoe was on the other foot you wouldn't like either. So why keep the circle going? Yet, people wonder why people commit suicide over these snide comments such as that. You are indeed strong. I totally admire you for that. I hope you stay that way. You keep a positive light going that will never fade out! :) I apologize in advance for this. If it's too troublesome please delete such.

  2. @ monkeystickspop
    Don't worry about it being too long, I read it and it was definitely worth it since you hit on many good points!

    I do agree about how the community needs to be more helpful, and I know that especially because I used to be one of those people who started drama and "hoarded" information. Sure it's fun to start drama but life goes on and (hopefully) people will be busy in the future. That's what happened to me, I don't have time for drama anymore and I've grown up now and realized how petty it is.

    I also definitely do agree that people who ridicule others on gal secrets should really "show" themselves, see if they're any better. I hate seeing wonderfully styled gals getting made fun of :( and it also sucks because some really amazing gals are too scared they're going to be posted on nasty sites to even become involved with the community. I've found tons of amazing ones through having this blog and so happy to have done so.