Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2 Agejo Rakuten Stores, 2 different experiences

I will talk about Moery (Momoeri's store) and L-Mary. Both of these stores sell practically the same type of items (agejo dresses, makeup, Prisila wigs, etc) and claim they ship internationally. Only one of them went through and shipped the order, the winner is Moery.

What happened with L-Mary? Why did I originally order from them?
I was looking for eyelash cases on Rakuten for my next giveaway (well that gives out one of the surprises lol) and stumbled upon L-Mary. I then found this listing of cheap Diamond Lashes (I'm an obvious sucker for those) and it showed they shipped internationally through Rakuten's Borderless program. I was sold! I made my order on 1/13/11, and waited... and waited...
L-Mary never went through with an order or even a confirmation! I had to get Rakuten customer service involved to try to get them to send me a confirmation. Despite Rakuten's effort to contact them twice (I contacted them as well, in Japanese nonetheless!) they never went through with any order and I just gave up on them. Luckily I was never charged for anything, but it almost left me without faith in trusting Rakuten shops to fulfill orders.

To test another Rakuten store, I picked Moery this time to see if they would fulfill my order. 
Moery is Momoeri's Rakuten store that sells anything from agejo dresses to even weird things like Momoeri brand car goods and tequila shot balls. I respect her for being a working mom and entrepreneur, and having wonderful customer service! I ordered my items a day ago and it was shipped today for a very reasonable shipping fee of 2220yen for eyeliner, a hat and a wig!

Because I'm so happy with Moery's service, here's some links to item categories in her store.
- Momoeri goods: From here you can get find whatever products you want that Momoeri produced. It features everything from makeup, car goods and fashion items!
- Agejo dresses (by brand): If you click on the magazine images/titles on the menu on the left, it'll take you to the dresses that were featured in those issues of ageha and Betty!
- Casual clothes: A lot of the items are produced by Momoeri along with popular gals brands like DURAS. There is a mix of affordable clothes along with imported clothes from LA.
- Wigs: All types, including Prisila's newest styles and kids wigs! Many of them are also on sale as well.
- Shoes: She sells many American brands (meaning American sizes, for those of you in Japan looking for bigger shoes!), but she also has some of her own produced ones along with some Japanese brands.

I'll also show off some of her products, under the cut!

Description: She designed her own netbook in partnership with Fujitsu.

Description: A full wig from Prisila's newest releases that looks natural.

Description: Stay fashionable, safe and discreet with Momoeri's condom case. It comes with 2 condoms that are fittingly peach scented.

Description: Beautiful pastel colored agejo dresses that are modeled by ageha's Satomi Yakuwa.


  1. Oooh I love the wigs!! :3 [Wigs and extensions keep my hair even more virgin..>.> lulz I might have a phobia with doing stuff to my hair...]

    And that sucks about what happened with that first shop! Poo on bad service! Poo!!

  2. @ l-article
    You should definitely try a wig! It can help you since it's not permanent, or let you see how you like yourself without black hair and see if you want to change it :D When doing any processes on your hair you should do it at a salon, a lot of people who do at home dyes have their hair become very badly damaged :(

    Also bad service does suck, but I wanted to let people know so if they stumbled upon this store they won't shop with them :D

  3. I want the condom case way too much ahaha

  4. Thanks for the advice! and yes! It's always nice to have reviews for stores!

    I've been looking around for some nice long wigs (can't afford human hair O.O;;) Prisila looks super natural and has a lot of volume! Plus I'm a lazy person who doesn't like to do much with my hair...it's a chore to blow dry it ahahahahaaaa >.> My boyfriend's family will kill me if they knew this...>.> [His mom own's a salon (free haircuts!!) and he spends more time on his hair than I do...>.>]

    tmi ^^;; I got carried awaaaaay..Point. Goal ->WIG OwO

  5. @ Samispoon
    I wish I had seen it before I made the order, I want it so bad as well!

    @ l-article
    Don't worry about being TMI, I love talking :D
    I was worried about how shiny the wig looked in the promo photos (the one I bought), but IRL it looks a lot more natural than in the listings! I definitely agree it's a chore to do hair, so I hope with the wig it'll cut so much time out from doing it! lol

  6. Hey there! Are you still selling the AGEJO dresses up there? The Blue and pink one that Satomi Yakuwa is wearing!? PLEASE, I need to know ASAP so I could buy it for Prom!! Thanks!!!

    1. I don't see the particular one that you're asking for on the site anymore, but there are a lot of nice dresses still there: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/moery/c/0000000106/

      Just know that the dresses are really pricey, as they can get up to $500 in price.

  7. Hello i also ordered from moery last 5 days ago but till now i haven't got the confirmation email even i have email them twice.. Did they really gonna ship my item to me?