Friday, February 18, 2011

Momoeri package get + Dolly Wink vs. Momoeri Liquid Liner review

I made a post here about ordering through Momoeri's Moery Rakuten store, and I got my package of goods today!

 The box as it arrived. Isn't the shipping box so cute?!
The items that I got: a Prisila wig, Can can hat and Momoeri's Long Beam Eyeliner. Each package comes with your receipt in a clear file folder (which you can use, obviously) and a nice postcard with a message from Momoeri.

The rest of the items will be in the cut!

When I first saw the Prisila wig I was worried it was going to be too shiny, like it was in the promotional photo:

But luckily it wasn't the case! I took a quick picture of me in it before doing my makeup:
So it is a lot more natural looking in real life, but I think I might be a little bit too tan for it! I'll have to get used to it but it's good to have when I need to be more glamorous without having much time~

Since I got Momoeri's liner, I wanted to compare it to my favorite Dolly Wink liquid liner!

 The both of them next to each other, packaging is pretty similar.
Brushes compared to each other, looks really similar to each other as well! But do they wear the same?

Here's the test comparison!
So yes, they are quite similar! They both apply the same and are extremely smudgeproof! The one edge that Momoeri's liner has over the Dolly Wink liner is that it has a bit more resistance to water~ which is either a good or bad thing depending on if you want to clean it off or not.
While I think Momoeri's liner is a bit better than Dolly Wink's, I would only get it if you are planning on ordering from the Moery store. They're both the same price and quality but Dolly Wink is a bit more accessible.

and here's my makeup and outfit photos for the day~
 Tried out Momoeri's liner and I'm wearing Diamond Lash Glamorous eye on top and Cute eye on bottom.
It's raining so I needed a somewhat warm top!
Sweater: Obey
Skirt: Mimmin
Tights: Kirei Plaza

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  1. Ahhh!! I love the wig! Awesome that it didn't turn out shiny! :D Now I wanna get one tooooo And that eyeliner looks really nice too! Oh~ Just wondering how long it took for the shipping with the service you have? You have to have a shipping service right =.=??

    Ah and sweet giveaway~ Hope you have a great weekend! :D :D

  2. @ l-article
    For Moery you can order directly from them as long as you have a Rakuten account! You can read how to create one and shop there here:

  3. That wig is gorgeous. Kind of makes me want to invest in one too. Also, I love your makeup! :D It's interesting how similar the two liners are, but it looks like the two of them are better than the one I've got haha

  4. @ clairparfait
    Yeah, I think it's good to have a wig on hand especially if you're too lazy to do your own hair or want to change how you look for a short period. Thanks for the compliments on my makeup :D

    and yeah, it's great how they're both similar and great! Which one do you have? I used to use Sana's Quick Liner which was okay but not anywhere near the level that these 2 are on. I definitely recommend either of them! If you order from Moery's store too there's a ~30% discount coupon for White Day too :D

  5. I'll get a wig no matter what! D:
    i am super lazy as to make my hair always lol.

    The eyeliners are very similar, i'd buy Dolly Wink b/c i like the desing most XD.

  6. I think the wig looks really nice on you! :)

  7. @ Ukyo KU
    Yes, it's so easy to be lazy not to do hair! I do that for the most part :3

    and yeah, the Dolly Wink liner design is definitely much cuter!

    @ Rinny
    Thanks so much :D I should give it a try more often~

  8. That wig looks soooo great on you!! I`ve been wanting a Priscilla wig for like ever now xDDD My hair is getting longer now, so maybe I should really get a wig finally? A cute short bob! :)

    Also I love the straw hat!
    And I didn`t know Momoeri had a makeup line! Looks cute. :))

  9. I use the same one! It works okay, but I have to go over it an extra two to three times to make sure the color sticks properly. I'll probably just keep using it until it runs out though.

  10. That wig is to cute, how much was it? and wow so similar to dollywinks but slightly thicker. pretty makeup!

  11. @ Magdalena
    The Prisila wig line is great and a short bob would look adorable on you!!

    Momoeri's makeup line is actually quite good quality, the people who make her eyelashes are the same makers of Diamond Lash and Decorative Lash :D

    @ clairparfait
    Yeah, those were the exact same thoughts I had for the Sana quick liner as well! But the Dolly Wink or Momoeri ones make a huge difference, just 1 or 2 quick swipes does the trick! :D

    @ Malice
    The wig was a bit under 8000yen, since it was on sale from originally around 9000yen or so~ Thanks for the compliment :D