Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photo dump of a week of cell phone pictures!

Off topic before I get to the pictures, but I will be getting the entire Diamond Lashes Ladies Glamorous series (Purple trays) in about a week! I will be opening up custom packs again soon :D~

I've had kind of a bad week (as I said earlier I had a 2 day migraine) and not only that my bottom eyelid has been swollen for the last couple of days :( But other than that I can just show you pictures of my week~

I went to Disneyland with Tony and his mom last Sunday. I took a picture of this Japanese sweet lolita that I saw while I was eating!

Steamed mussels in green curry with some toasted bread on Wednesday. This came from one of my favorite food trucks, The Lime Truck. Who would've thought you could get gourmet food from a truck?!

Gogi Philly Cheesesteak from one of my favorite LA food trucks, Lee's Philly. They happened to stop right by my house this week on Thursday so I was able to have them :D A lot of people have told me when they see a thumbnail for this picture they think it's a severed arm or finger D:

This was on Friday, the first day I tried to do my makeup again :( I hate hate hate the natural look on me but I didn't have a choice with my swollen eyelid. But you can see that I got my hair recolored so it looks as good as new~

Started off Saturday by going to Blackmarket Bakery's open house with Dogzilla and Piaggio on Wheels serving food. Both of them being some of our favorites, so we went over and also grabbed some baked goods as well. Their Cabernet brownies are really smooth and chocolatey :D
 My first time this week doing full makeup, including bottom lashes. My eyelid is still swollen, but it's definitely much better then before.
 We decided to go up to Rowland Heights, since Arcade Infinity is closing for real at the end of the month. We went to Tony's favorite ramen place: Yukino-ya.
 Stopped by Round 1 for purikura, and they got rid of all of the curtains on all the machines!! WTF? I know it's really cheap to go there but I might as well go to Kira Kira or Cue if they're going to do this :( Tony and I had families watching us do our purikura and it was really uncomfortable...
Ended the day with a crepe from Genki Living! Banana, nutella and chocolate ice cream <3


  1. DーTAN!! that sandwich does look kinda like something chopped off :x

    and how do u do the lash packs? amount?cost? bottom or top lashes? I AM INTERESTED (*o*

  2. That food looks really delicious!! *o* I love your eye make up!! It makes you look so cute!! *___*

  3. Love Diamond lashes also!
    Hehehe ooh such delicious foods I want some!
    We should hangout sometime ^____^

  4. @ Lisha
    It totally does, but it was delicious! A philly cheesesteak sandwich with the meat marinated in a sweet Korean marinade, yummmy
    The lash packs are $3.50 per each pair with a minimum of 3 ordered. I'm getting new packs in so I'll open them up again so it's not just the first series anymore.

    @ Nenacho
    Thank you so much :D

    @ Emy
    Yeah the food was so yummy :D I'm definitely sorry I couldn't hang out with you and Vivian yesterday, my bf didn't want to go to the Rilakkuma party since he was scared of parking >_<

  5. It looks like you've been having fun :)

    I will def be buying some more lashes from you!

  6. Ahhh!! Such delicious food!! and hope you are feeling better!! Can't wait for more custom packs haha~ :3