Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[Sponsored Post] ES brand fake eyelashes style A28 from KKCenterHK

Hello everyone! I'm doing a sponsored post for KKCenterHK and they sent me a pack of ES A28 eyelashes. I kindly thank them for letting me have the chance of doing a review for them, and remember that this post is purely my own opinion!

Go here if you want to buy the lashes:
ES Brand 10 Pairs Black Spiky Tail Fake Lashes

Or go directly to the KKCenterHK store! They have a lot of different items besides from eyelashes. This includes: wigs, hosiery, beauty products and more! Definitely check out their hosiery section, which features many of the Japanese stockings I wear from Kirei Plaza... without the need of a Japanese shopping service! Please remember to mention my blog when ordering from them☆

The boxes of eyelashes when they were received.
Each box comes with 10 pairs of straight styled spiked eyelashes. They only cost $4.66 per pack!

A comparison of the length between 2 styles of Diamond Lash. As you can see, it is right in between them in terms of length!
A good pro: In this closeup you can see that the spikes on the ends of the lashes are the same length! So you don't have to worry about putting them on the wrong way, because it's all the same.
The lashes on both eyes, no flash. I'm wearing Diamond Lash Natural eye on the bottom.
The lashes on both eyes with flash. They're shiny, but it doesn't really negatively impact the look of them.
Closeup on my eye, no flash.

  • Lashes are ready for use out of the box. That means there's not a lot of glue residue to take off of the lashes initially nor do you need to use an eyelash curler to get them to stand out!
  • Looks can be deceiving. They look very stiff and straight when taken out of the box, but they're actually quite soft and bendable.
  • The length is PERFECT! You don't need to cut any excess lash off and they won't be too short.
  • I love that the spikes are plentiful, separated and are on the skinny side. It's like a more natural version of Diamond Lash's Angel eye~
  • Enough volume that is suitable for everyday use or glamorous looks.
  • They are extremely comfortable and light. They also won't irritate your eyes or have that "I'm wearing heavy fake lashes" feeling.
  • Exceptional value! $4.66 for a box of 10 pairs of eyelashes that are great quality and very nice? I wouldn't have ever dreamed of that!
These lashes are a great value and are very easy to use. Definitely recommend these for girls who want to wear lashes with volume but is also suitable for daily wear. I would definitely buy these lashes.


  1. I like this style of eyelash the most that I have seen of their products, I think it looks very nice^^

  2. I love the lashes! They look great on you and look like a nice daily wear lash~ And gosh I wish I had the money to buy stuff! Their stuff is so cheap! And the tights are LOVE~ but...I'm currently going cold turkey from shopping >.> aaaaaaaaaahhh it's so hard...@_@

  3. Those lashes look great! Not exactly my cup of tea, but they still look good! I did scope out their site and I saw lots of awesome stuff! I'm considering getting some of their tights. I love some of the patterns they have~ ❤

  4. great review. i like that they are comfortable and light. ^_^

  5. I loved the review. The lashes look really nice when worn. I'm going to check the site now!