Monday, February 28, 2011

Giveaway item reveal Part 1: Melliesh Lip Gloss in Honey Apricot and NYX's Ultra Pearl Shadow in Gold Pearl

My giveaway has been heavily delayed by a shipment of stuff coming from Japan due to Japan To Door being slow, which will be coming this week hopefully. Because of this, I will slowly reveal items that will be in my 100 followers giveaway :D It'll also give a chance for other people to start following me if they want to participate in it~

I picked NYX's Ultimate Pearl Eyeshadow in Gold Pearl because it is one of egg model Romihi's "love items". Her look is very consistent, so you can be one step away from being close to looking like Romihi 8D
Another picture of the shadow (showing it's the same color) along with the full Romihi page from March's egg.
PopSister model Yui Kanno's Melliesh lipgloss in Honey Apricot. It's a 2 in 1 lipgloss, meaning it's a concealer and gloss in one!
You can find swatch and reviews for this particular lipgloss from A little bit of eki and Mei's review on ☆ Little Pink Princesses ☆

Hope this pique's an interest in people, and hope you'll be excited for more "reveals" :D


  1. looks like you'll be having a lovely giveaway. :) will surely be participating in it!

  2. Definitely piqued!! in the lipgloss! :]
    but I'm not too greedy..winning one giveaway is good enough for meeeee I might try out for funsies though~ :3 and end up buying the lipgloss for myself haha

  3. Aww thanks for mentioning me!! ❤ That shadow looks absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. The make-up looks so pretty! ^^

  5. I have that NYX eye shadow in a darker charcoal ...i didnt even know they had gold!!! *_*

  6. @ sugar sugar
    Thanks so much! :D

    @ l-article
    You can still definitely participate even though you already won the last one :) You can find the Melliesh lipglosses on eBay or iMomoko for pretty reasonable prices.

    @ Mei
    No problem, you're so pretty that I want more people to see you :D

    @ MOON

    @ Mie
    The gold one is AMAZING!! I've been using it everyday pretty much since I've bought it :D