Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Agejo Valentine's day

Tony and I wanted to have a nice Valentine's day, but the day already didn't start off so well because the present I bought for him didn't come... and won't come for ANOTHER WEEK!! Capcom Store, you really screwed us over :( I bought Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for him and it was "99% guaranteed to come before release day", which was yesterday. My order was "shipped" on Friday and it took 4 days for it to travel from MN to IN... which is backtracking because it needs to be in CA! My tracking status still hasn't been updated for it either so I'm not optimistic about getting it any time soon for something that was shipped US Economy Post. :/

lol to make it not any better I got sick over the weekend and am still feeling it. I hate having to miss classes and I've had to do that twice this week already.

But enough rant, I'll get to what Tony and I did! He made reservations for us (2 months in advance) at Blue Bayou, which is a restaurant at the Disneyland Park that is inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

I wanted to wear a one piece dress from Yumetenbo that I bought about a month ago? So I decided to go out in agejo style!

 A picture where I hope you can see my hair. I'm still trying to improve on how to make it mori without adding any extensions or wig parts.
Another face shot where you can kind of see my hair. This was taken in the car on the way to Disneyland.
The only picture I got of my whole look (minus my shoes)! I tried getting pictures while at the park but my camera wasn't feeling it and they all came out blurry :(

Our reservation was at 6:30pm and we left my house at 5:30pm. Mind you it only usually takes 10 minutes to get there, it took us an HOUR because of traffic! Adding anger and stress to our situation at the time, a car decided to get stalled in the turn lane for Disneyland which added more to our delay. We got to the restaurant at 6:40 and they still allowed us to keep our reservation despite this. We got in an hour later but we were still gracious they let us keep our reservation because they could've easily told us that we couldn't keep it. Our server Tameka was a joy as well!
 The menu including the special Valentine's day menu. I would've gotten the special courses but I'm not a fan of fish!
 The bread! haha Also you can see Tony a bit on the left, I bought the Mickey shirt he's wearing in Harajuku.
 Bread and some gumbo. The gumbo was really good, but I wish I got the salad instead.
 My entree, which was the Filet mignon with Petite lobster tail. I loved the potato gratin that came with it too, ooh I can just dream about it <3
 Tony's entree, which was the same as mine except without the lobster.
 My chocolate mousse cake! It was gigantic and so rich! It was really yummy but after that meal I could barely finish and walked around slow after that lol
 Tony's honey pecan tart that was nicely presented!

By the time we got out it was about 20:40 with the park closing at 21 so we only got in one ride. I wanted a picture so I could remember that day so we went on Astro Blasters!
I kicked his butt ;D

While our Valentine's Day had its ups and downs, it was overall a pleasant time because we could at least be together. I love him for spoiling me for Valentine's day, this is actually the first time we properly celebrated it since the last couple of times we actually slept through it LOL


  1. Omg so cute! And so much yummy fooood~ I want to go to Disneyland again >w< You have such a sweet boyfriend!

  2. Ahh! The Blue Bayou is such a fun place.

    I'm glad you two had a happy V-Day though :) fun fun fun

  3. omy! i was at disneyland for valentines day too! didnt eat there tho~ only went during the day! looks like you guys had lotsa good food and fun! i've still yet to eat at the blue bayou! there and ariels grotto are the last places i need to try at disneyland! ^^


  4. looks like you had loads of fun. the food looks delicious! :3

  5. Awh! That's adorable!! Rina (my sister) actually went to Disneyland on Valentine's day too!! Hahaha!

    Dude I've always wanted to eat at the Blue Bayou - the food looks soo goood I'm salivating right now just by staring at it (*´д`*)

    I love outfits from Yumetenbo ❤ so gloriously beautiful!!!

  6. So cute!! *o* I always like your makeup!! You had such a great dinner!! All looks delicious!! <3

  7. Omg you look so sexy!! Makeup and outfit are killer ma!!

    I wanna go to disney land with you!!

  8. @ l-article
    Thank you! The food was really good and Disney is really fun to go to. Hope you get to go again someday! and yes, my bf is super sweet :D <3

    @ kotori
    Yeah, this is my first time as an adult going back (apparently I went as a kid according to my mom) and it was really nice! It felt like you're in that atmosphere and part of the ride.

    @ Tiffany
    I just missed you then! I had class so I couldn't be there during the day, although I wish I could've :'( I still want to eat at Ariel's Grotto too since they have the bar there.

    @ Sugar Sugar
    My bf and I definitely had fun for the short time we went, but definitely a great place for Valentine's day!

    @ Mei
    Well I guess I missed her and Tiffany 8D So many people I knew went during the day so I felt bad I only went at night T_T

    You should definitely go with your bf to Blue Bayou, it's probably one of the most romantic places to eat there since it's mostly couples that go.

    and yes! Yumetenbo outfits always look so great, but the quality not so much. I lost two of the rhinestones on the buttons of the dress T_T

    @ Nenacho
    Thank you so much for your compliments :D

    @ AmbiBambi
    Thanks so much bb! Next time you're in SoCal we should go, but I'm sure you'll have fun once you move to Tokyo!

  9. I always love your outfit and this one is on my fave! ♥ I wish you've posted more pics :'C anyways~ Thanxs for sharing it with us! ^0^

    Yummy!!! ♥ what a nice day you had! :)

  10. @ Ukyo KU
    Thanks so much! I really wish I did get more pictures as well, I looked really nice that night but we had to rush to make our reservation! D: