Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I really admire you ^^! your confidence when i look at your pictures and read your blog makes me feel happy and im thinking in going back to gyaru style, since i dropped it because im chubby :C Thanxs for all!!!!! <3

I'm happy you would say such nice things about me!

You shouldn't feel bad for being chubby and being gyaru! A lot of the people who are secret haters actually have never been to Japan and seen that despite what magazines show, there ARE normal shaped/bigger Japanese gyaru. Haters have very unrealistic expectations that magazine models = all Japanese gyaru, which is definitely not true :D

I wish you good luck into your journey back into gyaru!


  1. I think we look at any magazine and tend to think 'That must be what girls from this place all look like' or 'That must be how you are supposed to look to wear x or y' when it's simply not true.

  2. @ Suite
    Yes I definitely agree with you! The same thing is perceived outside of Japan as well with any type of fashion magazine, or just the perception that models should be the "ideal" type of women.

    People are so shallow if they believe that only! So many people have different genetics or ways of life that play into how they are, but that's what makes all of us different. But apparently to people "different" isn't "normal" or "pretty" :/