Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring break so far with a pleasant package :D

I've currently been on Spring Break from school for the past week and spent the time watching all of Hellcats so far and sleeping in until 1! Too bad it's only a week, but I have to get back to my normal sleeping schedule :(

I got this package today from Japan To Door with my recent orders of cosmetics (mostly eyelashes):
You can see that there's Diamond Lash, Eyemazing, Jewerich and a couple of random brands of lashes in there~ I will be opening up my Diamond Lash custom packs again very soon, but there will be a couple of rule changes! Stay tuned for that :D

 I also got Diamond Beauty's (loose) Diamond Puff in Dolly face, I've been so excited for this :D More of it behind the cut~

Diamond Puff's Dolly face is supposed to give a matte look and has a bit of color. Since most of the loose powders are not colored or light colored (which causes my face to turn lighter than the rest of my body T_T), I wanted to try something that was colored. I know Nicole Abe uses this color, so I followed in her steps for it!

 What surprised me was how much powder you got for the price! Size comparison to my current powder, nanoce BB mineral powder. 1575yen versus $26... yeah I'm definitely going with Diamond Puff!
 Another picture for you to see the size comparison. It's practically 2-3x bigger x_x
 The puff provided with the powder. I'm definitely not using it but I'll need it to keep my powder from not getting loose :x
Colored powder! OH JOY FOR ME!! <3 Julie/clairparfait from A Year in Tokyo mentioned the packaging is a bit flimsy, so I took precautions when I put powder into the cap to use with my brush. So far so good for me, but we'll see as time goes on x_x

You can't see in my picture (of course, stupid bathroom lighting T_T) but it definitely works a lot better for my skin tone! I'm very happy with it, and also I'm trying out Eyemazing 001 and Jewerich No. 03 for lashes as well :D

Closeup on my eye, wearing my Chocolate lenses~ I like how these 2 lashes go together :D


  1. You're an eyelash addict, woman! XD Can't wait for you to open up the custom packs again. :D

    I'm rather surprised at the size of the loose powder~ maybe I should invest in this in the future. I'm glad it turned out well for you! ^^

    Seriously, I haven't seen Jewerich No.03 do wrong! It looks great on everyone! o_o

  2. Oh wow, that's an amazing order! And glad to see you finally got the Diamond Puff :D I love those lashes~ I should probably do what you do and put the puff back into the package. XD

  3. you have so many eyelashes. o: haha! your eye looks so gorgeous! and i can't see your face in the whole face picture because of the lighting but you seem so kawaii. =)

  4. Oh my gosh! Glorious haul!! Love the eyemakeup! and that is a sweet amount of powder for the price! :D

  5. Waaahhh so many eyelashes and make-up I'm gonna diiieeee!!!! ❤❤❤

    I love love loove what you've ordered!! (´ε`) I've always wanted Eyemazing and Jewerich, and now I see this I want it even more~~ hahaha (>∇<;)

    You're so lucky you're on spring break right now. Mine is in April, like two weeks before the final ヽ(;´д`)ノ

  6. Ahh! I have the urge to go buy more lashes looking at your haul~

    How does JTD compare to Tenso?

  7. @ Dolly
    I definitely am an addict, but I guess there's nothing wrong with it :P I'm excited to reopen it back up as well :D

    I was very surprised at the size of the loose powder as well, and it is well worth the price for how much product you get :D It's on sale at Ichibankao, but not sure where else~

    and yeah I was very happy the Jewerich lashes look great! I was worried about them since other people had complaints about how they don't last too long. Hope I don't get that luck :'(

    @ clairparfait
    Thanks! I definitely think you should put the puff back, I do it with my other powder and I get pretty much no mess :D The package you got seemed to have gotten delayed, but it finally just arrived in the US today x_x I hope it comes tomorrow, but if not then I'll get it on Monday ;_;

    @ sugar sugar
    Yeah, I love eyelashes too! and I love trying out many different types to find what lashes are the best. From what I've tried I do really love Diamond Lash the best still~

    I wish my lighting at home wasn't so bad. For me to do webcam pictures I have to turn all the lights off and just use the computer light as a source D:

    @ l-article
    Yeah the haul was so amazing, I don't think I can do that again very soon though since it cost so much money! haha

    @ Mei
    Yeah there's sooo much to go through. I had to reorganize my bathroom last night in order to accommodate all of them! Eyemazing lasts for a really long time but they're pretty stiff and you HAVE to use an eyelash curler on them, which is a pet peeve of mine x_x Jewerich is holding out okay for me on day 2, I just hope that they don't wear out too much :(

    @ Cassandra
    I picked JTD over Tenso because of the fees. I'm not sure if Tenso is since I haven't used them, but I read on their rules that they charge per item/package? Something like that. I picked JTD even though there are a couple of "hidden fees", which is handling and tax on top of the shipping and repacking/consolidating ($16 each invoice/package). I just make sure I buy everything on sale so when the fees and shipping are tacked on I didn't pay too much more for them~

  8. I will do so then XD Yeah, it seems that customs checked it out. I wonder why. :(

  9. So was the cap of the puff flimsy as clair said it would be? :O