Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: Chocola co. No. 1 Parfait rich + nuts eyelash JU02

Hello everyone, sorry I've been MIA! I've been pretty busy the last week or so and have had tons of ups and downs. This post is way overdue, with some more that will be on the way as well.

I decided to do reviews for two brands of budget lashes in Japan: Chocola co. and nuts.

Chocola co. eyelashes in Parfait Rich
These eyelashes are made by a company that makes nail supplies and are priced at 398yen for 2 pairs. Mitsu of Universal Doll recently made a post featuring them, and they have also been featured in the latest issue of egg. The design is pretty modern gyaru-wise, plus are very affordable! Although they are shiny (like most other fake eyelashes), they're pretty soft and easy to use.
 (bad angle, sorry!) Lashes taken with flash (to see shininess)
Lashes in natural lighting
One thing I didn't really like about these lashes is that they didn't have a very good curl right out of the box. I highly advise using an eyelash curler when using these, but the effect is very nice :D If you are not very good at using an eyelash curler (which is understandable, I still have problems too!) I would not recommend these, since you really need to use them for the best effect. They open up your eyes while looking fairly natural at the same time~ Highly recommend these for everyday use and they are very economically priced at 398yen!

nuts eyelash JU02
I'm not a terribly big fan of nuts, but after seeing this post from Nicola of graphic noise and seeing an advertisement for them I decided to get a pack. Nuts collaborated with Circle K and Sunkus in Japan to release these eyelashes and hair accessories for an affordable price of 480yen/pack.
Here's a comparison of them to Diamond Lash Beauty eye, and you can see they look quite a bit similar (except Diamond Lash is more on the "natural looking" side, these are more defined). They're fairly similar (design and quality) to Fairylash's Bright eye but the volume is focused in different areas.
 Eyelashes with no flash in harsh bathroom lighting.
Eyelashes paired with bottom lashes in natural lighting, no flash.
These lashes are good out of box, perfect separation and definition to bring your eyes out! The lash band is clear and flexible, so these are fairly easy to put on. The price is really affordable and is good for girls that want something similar to Fairylash but don't want to keep paying the hefty price that includes the eyelash case.

Where can I get them?
- Chocola co. eyelashes can be found at Rakuten's La Primavera (they ship overseas), you pay 1300yen for 3 packs and you get to mix and match!
- Nuts eyelashes are only available at Circle K or Sunkus convenience stores in Japan. Unfortunately there's no way to get them anywhere online except for auctions :(


  1. Good review~~! I haven't seen these kind of lashes before but I may go and pick some up next time I'm in Japan <333

    As for me, I'm a big lover of Diamond Lash + Jewerich, so doing that comparison made me see how different it is compared to just regular brand types~~

  2. @ Mika
    Yeah, I'm a big Diamond Lash fiend as well :D I really do want to try all the different types of lashes I can though, so I've been expanding to see what I like :D

  3. I love the first pair of lashes~~~~ Second is a bit too unnatural for me I think~ ^^* Great review~!

  4. great reviews I love the nuts pair a lot surprisingly~ guess i can get a pair of diamond lash to make up for it ;_;

  5. I like the NUTS lashes better.. I dunno.. I guess it's because I like my lashes long 'all-over' and not just in the outer corners.. -sigh-

  6. omg!
    im gonna buy them when i go back to jpn!

  7. I love the chocola lashes, they blend right into your real lashes & give such volume at the ends. Your contacts are pretty fetch too!


  8. @ Magdalena
    You look great with natural lashes so I definitely think the chocola co ones would suit you very well <3

    @ Mie
    Yeah it sucks that the nuts eyelashes are so difficult to get when you're overseas but super easy if you're in Japan. It's a shame :/

    @ 나니
    Yeah I definitely see where you're coming from! I do like more all over volume versus just focused in one area.

    @ Julie
    It'll be very easy for you to buy them when you go home :)

    @ Desire
    Thanks so much! The chocola co ones are really nice blending-wise, especially since most brands can't do it or is a real pain to do it. The lenses are Flower grey btw, I love how they either look grey or blue depending on the lighting :D

  9. I tried the Rich Parfait lashes I ordered from you recently and I really liked them! I agree with you about the curl, it was a bit extreme on me, but overall very cute >3<

  10. i want to try these lashes too! :3

  11. Wow! Will try that lashes soon!!~ soo cute on you!<3

  12. aww I just saw this post! :D
    I think the nuts lashes look gorgeous on you! they show up so well! lovely!

  13. I like the NUTS ones! and the curious thing about them is i got ones similar and cheap from Thailand but they are thinner so i had to put 2 pairs at the same time lol lol lol.
    btw~ lovely make up! *u* ♥

    ps.: I miss you! C:

  14. Oh I finally found a review on these lashes! Thanks!
    Do you know how much shipping was on the chocola co ones? I really want to get them

  15. @ Tiffany-kim
    Shipping usually starts around 1250yen (price is by weight), since they're sent via EMS. I suggest getting more packs to make it more worth it since eyelashes in general are cheap to ship :)