Sunday, March 27, 2011

Seeing Selena Gomez in Costa Mesa, CA and a few products I've been loving recently~

So early Thursday morning of this week I went to South Coast Plaza's opening of their new Microsoft Store for one thing: Selena Gomez wristbands! If you were within the first 800 people in line you would get Premiere viewing (VIP) wristbands, which I was part of fortunately :) So on Saturday morning I dropped off my friend's wristband (she had to do some school stuff before coming) and I headed to the mall. I had woken up early (6am) and didn't have time to do my face at home, SO I DID IT IN MY CAR!! Including my lenses! Amazingly I did it and didn't look like a total mess, but putting on contacts in the car was probably the hardest thing for me lol

Long story short: I waited early and was within the first 50 people in line, so I was in the front row!

Since we were in the VIP section they forced us to go down a "red carpet", so this is the picture of my friend and I. If you're curious, I'm wearing Vanquish for both my parka and dress, Wet Seal shorts, Kirei Plaza tights and Torrid boots. My theme of the day was dots, my parka has dots near the hood, the dress has dots all over it and the same thing with the tights! LOL

Here's some nice pictures of Selena Gomez:

She's been growing on me so much since last Sunday (I attended the Concert For Hope) so I was really excited for this day :D She performed pretty okay, but she's still not as good as she could be. Hopefully she will continue to improve but being in her presence was nice enough :D

My friend that I went with is really good at sweet talking people, so she was able to get us the set lists from one of the roadies! She was the first one to ask and the roadie tried to give them to us TWICE (!!!) but people stole it from us both times! So after that the roadie gave us 3 copies (one for me, her and her friend) directly through security so we were happy. Kids were not though, they were convinced they had autographs on them and were yelling at us! Oh well, maybe they should've thought about it first... :P

Anyways, here's a few products that I've been really in love with from the last few weeks:
This primer is really light and doesn't feel oily at all. I have very dry skin and it instantly moisturizes my skin and feels very light on it. I used to use Smashbox's Photo Finish primer (supposed to be the best on the market) but I like this one much better and it costs 1/2 the price!

I first saw the announcement of this product through Sephora's mailing list and was intrigued by it. I'm a big fan of Sephora's makeup collection so I knew I was going to try it. When I tried the foundation in store I was amazed at how little product you need for great coverage, so I bought it! I've been using it for about the past 2 weeks and LOVE it! There is such a great range of colors, has such amazing coverage that I haven't used any concealer for awhile. The best part is that you only need one pump of the foundation to be able to cover your whole face! So not only is it a great product but it is also very affordable for how much usage it comes with.

This was the brush that was recommended to use for application of the above foundation, so I decided to buy it as well. I used to use their #47 foundation brush but I find this one to be a lot better (the former brush I use now for contouring) because it's soft and applies the foundation very well.

up & up Multipurpose Solution (Target brand)
I have used Renu's Fresh contact lens solution for awhile since that's what my optometrist gave me, but I was mad at how expensive solution can get (I think I paid about $10 last time for a bottle?). So when I went to Target with my friends recently we saw that it only cost $4.56 for two big bottles of these! My friend and I both grabbed them right away, and tbh the solution is actually quite nice! My Renu solution can be irritating at times, but I haven't experienced that yet with this brand~

I ordered these lenses through Mukuchu at the end of February, but only received them this week due to delays in shipping routes caused by the Japan earthquakes. I never have been a really big fan of blue lenses but I made the plunge and really happy that I did! They were very comfortable when soaked in the up & up contact solution and was comfortable to wear for the whole day.

This is me wearing the new lenses along with the Sephora foundation. I'm sorry it's not a very good picture, I'll try to do a bit more in depth reviews in the future!


  1. Lovely lenses!! they look great on you~~ ^_^ my natural color is light blue/green so i'm always hesitant about trying out colored lenses, so i'm jealous for people who don't have my eye color!

    I really like Selena Gomez! I was following you on your twitter about updates about being there and I was so surprised~~I think her music is very cute and puts everybody in a good mood!

    I like the products you suggested. I ADORE sephora and everything they do~~I have very oily skin so I have to use a base before I put on any makeup so that it holds it all day ;w;

    you are so intense! doing it in your car!! i had to do that for school once =w=;; it takes skill!

  2. Ooh, I didn't know she was going to be at South Coast. Niice! (I like your outfit. ^^)

    Love your recent products you've been loving. I'm curious of the Sephora makeup products...they seem to be of good quality from your descriptions. ^^

    Those lenses are cute on you!

  3. That's so cool you got to be in the front row! XD The pictures are so pretty of her.

    Those blue lenses look really stunning on you!! Kind of makes me wish I wasn't afraid of contacts LOL

  4. ohhh.. i like your lashes!! what are they? =)

    oh and do you think is reliable? thinking about ordering some, but i usually use paypal, and they only acceot credit cards... hope you can help..

  5. OHH MYYYY you went to see her! : D She's such a gorgeous girl! I absolutely love her! <3 'Falling Down' is one of my favorite songs!

    YAY for lenses : D They look really good on you!

  6. I love the outfit you wore dear! The look is trendy! And those dot tights, I just went out and got some too XD

    Too bad about those kids harrassing you, teenagers always get all hyped up on things like that :/

    I use that Target contact lens solution too. I don't know if others are better, but it works fine to me.

    Love those lenses!!!

  7. I've met Selena Gomez before. :) She came to eat at my dad's family restaurant last year. According to her, she used to eat there a lot when she was younger. (*___*)
    We took pictures with her and everything as well! Very fun. :3
    A lot of girls came by after that to ask questions if she really came and look at the table/seat she was at. xD