Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review for Wagamama-Rama Tokyo Shopping Service

Since I love helping my readers shop easier for Japanese things, I thought I would introduce you guys to a shopping service I use! Run by the lovely Julie/clairparfait of A Year In Tokyo, she can do personal shopping for you in different areas of Tokyo or receive packages for you from online shops. More information about her service is here, including her fees and miscellaneous information :)

Here are the things that she picked up for me:
- Vanquish Spring 2011 Black Parka
- Rimmel Lip Concealer (used by egg models Yunkoro and Remi Sakamoto)
- Canmake Melty Nude Lipstick
- Canmake Bright Up Base
- Canmake Essence in Foundation
- Nuts magazine collaboration fake eyelashes in JU02
- Sakurina's Fairylash in Bright eye
- Nature is Lovely 3 packs in S-1 and S-2

Her service was wonderful and she is such a sweet girl! She gives constant updates about items you are searching for and lets you know what days she can shop or ship your items. Her fees are extremely fair, depending on what area/stores you want your item from and how much you buy. The care she put into everything was wonderful. She originally made a mistake when buying some items but caught it very quickly and fixed the issue within a day. All of my items were shipped in a very timely manner and I highly recommend her service.


  1. Thanks for the review!! I will definitely keep her in mind 8D

  2. Aww thank you for the great review! :3 It was a pleasure shopping for you and I really appreciate this! :D

  3. Yay awesome review! It's so hard to find a nice japanese shopping service with such fees! All the ones I've found are steep >.<