Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review: Sakurina's Fairylash Flower Series in Bright eye

Since I've purchased so many lashes in the past few weeks I'm going to try to review some designs and brands when I have time. I've got loads of work to do in school since midterms are coming very soon but I'll do my best to post <3

Today I'm going to review ageha model Sakurina's brand Fairylash Flower Series in Bright eye. They are sold at Don Quijote stores in Japan and on Candy Magic's Rakuten Store (shipped within Japan only). I got this set through Wagamama-rama Shopping Service!

Each set is priced at 1050yen (tax-in) and comes with 2 pairs of lashes and a pretty eyelash case! So price-wise it's pretty good if you consider all of those factors.

Some closeups of the case outside of the packaging and a closeup of the lashes! They are very dolly type of lashes, with volume being focused on a specific part of the lashes.

With them on, no flash in natural lighting.
With them on, with flash (they look weird, probably because of the angle T_T)

- Lash band is clear, lashes are very flexible and easy to put on.
- Volume placed on the lashes really bring out your eyes and look great!
- Design is very pretty, looks much better in real life versus from the promotional photos.
- Extra eyelash case is great for storage.

- Very delicate, if you take them off too quickly there is a potential of ruining them quickly.
- Lashes are SUPER SHINY! If you thought Diamond Lash was shiny, these ones are shinier!
- Repeat buyers will have to keep purchasing them at a high price and getting too many lash cases.

- Lashes are pretty and easy to use but are delicate and can ruin easily if you're not careful enough.
- They can be very costly and most of Sakurina's designs aren't very creative (except for this particular design).
- I will probably not re-buy these again, but it's good to buy them once to try them out!


  1. Such a pretty case T_T Those lashes look exceptional on you , lovely stand-out.

  2. Those lashes are beautiful <3

    Wow save that case and use it as an eyelash case!

  3. I love the case! And the lashes are very pretty too! Haha flower lash with flower lenses! :D :D Cuuuute~

  4. I just love the case and almost thought about purchasing a pair for myself just so I could get it! lol It's a shame they're so delicate (and expensive!) since they're so pretty.

  5. the case is sooo pretty! the lashes look so pretty on your reyes too! :3 thanks for this review!

  6. Wow, that is such a cute eyelash case!! *__* And the lashes look lovely on you~! ♥

  7. The lashes look pretty on you!! ^__^
    Such a lovely lash case!!

  8. Great review & looks gorgeous, though they look a lot like dolly wink no.1 The heart case is adorable!!

    I love the bottom lashes you're wearing too~

  9. Wow, so dramatic, but super cute and really Sakurina!!!! :DDD

  10. Wow, they're nice! I've always loved Sakurina's eye makeup so her eyelashes made me curious! Thanks for this review~ They look sooo nice but due to all the cons, I've lost interest. XD

  11. WOOOOW! They're kinda freaky ne? :3 but gorgeous ♥ I might get this just to try, im begginer and i want something dramatic :D