Monday, March 7, 2011

Eye makeup tutorial~

I've been getting a lot of positive feedback recently for the new way I've been doing my eye makeup, so I did a tutorial for it! This will be the same eye makeup I did in this picture:

Items I used for this tutorial:

The tutorial is split up into 3 images for each part:


  1. Cute eye makeup tutorial!! I love the glamorous lash!! It's so dramatic! :3

  2. Looks really lovely, I'll be sure to give it a try this week.


  3. Great and detailed tutorial! I'll give this a try soon. I hope you can make more tutorials. ^^ This is really helpful! :3

  4. Love your eyes!! Those falsies are great!! *o*

  5. Awwwesome! You're so skillful~!! *3*
    Kisses! <3

  6. Lovely tutorial miss!
    Your make up always looks so fab!

  7. wow you are super good with makeup...ah its going to take me so long to reach your level! :)

  8. Love this tutorial~ Youre so cute! Gal style! ^.^
    Oh, where did you buy your diamond lash?

  9. @ l-article
    Thanks! and yes, they're super dramatic and since they're so stiff they last SO long! I think I've been on my current pair of them for at least 10 wears with more in sight!

    @ Desire
    Thanks so much! Your makeup tutorials are wonderful and I'd be honored if you even just tried this 8D

    @ sugar sugar
    Thanks so much! I will possibly make more tutorials in the future, this look is based on Romihi except I switched out the top lashes for a different style~

    @ Michi
    Thank you bb <3

    @ Nenacho
    Thanks! I love the lashes as well :D

    @ Wen
    Thank you so much :D

    @ Samispoon
    Thanks bb <3 Practicing goes a long way!

    @ navjeet
    Thanks for your compliment! It has taken me quite awhile to get to this level too. A lot of trial and error with not only makeup products but with the look and experimenting as well~

    @ Jendee
    Thanks so much :D I used to buy my Diamond Lash packs off of Kirei Plaza (a Rakuten store) but they stopped international shipping late last year. I use a warehouse package receiver in Japan (Japan to Door) to receive packages I buy online that don't ship internationally now for my items. I would also recommend Wagamama-rama as well, who I just did a review for:

  10. This is so easy! I love it! thank you for doing it, since i was one of those requesting for it x3 ! ♥
    I can see how the eyelashes are "wow" the bomb on gyaru make up :)

    Love it! keep rocking girl!

  11. Your natural eyeshape is so beautiful Dtan <3
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial!
    I love your style your good at finding what fits for you!! Ahhh~~ you got skills Dtan!!