Tuesday, March 15, 2011

お姉さんになった!!! - Oneesan ni natta!!! 4/11

Oneesan ni natta!!! has been in press since November 2010, but my local Japanese bookstore only started stocking it with this month's issue. It's notable because the main models include just graduated ageha model Sayaka Araki and former Jesus Diamante cover girl Keiko. It's produced by ageha, nuts and I love mama and focuses on gyaru style and life for those who are over 25.

This issue focuses a ton on the eye makeup styles of their models, to be exact 30 pages full of it! Onee style of eye makeup is a bit more light than normal gyaru style, and a lot more of the girls have eyelash extensions. Because of this (for the most part) the models use very simple styles of fake eyelashes. Here's a few previews from that part:
Sayaka Araki's part, she gets 2 pages of course!
Former Jesus Diamante and Himegyaru idol Keiko.
What's really cool is that in the corner of their pages they show how they used to do their makeup the year before this was published. For some of the girls it shows how drastically they changed!

I was really surprised by this, but one of my old friends from Tokyo is actually a model from this magazine! We lost contact awhile ago (after the whole avex debacle in my life), but I'm really glad to see her in this magazine as a model :D
Her name is Marie Honda, and her blog is here. If you're well-versed with the ParaPara world you'll know her as a former Team SEF member. She isn't new to gyaru magazines, when she was younger she used to be featured as a street snap model for the now defunct magazine Ego System.
Here's a picture of us together from about 6 (!!) years ago. This was at a ParaPara event.
Of course I'm shy about showing old pictures on here, I wasn't wearing makeup ^^;;
Here's a couple of random pages now!
Sayaka Araki modeling some of Diamond Beauty's new products. There's a 2 page spread showing how you can do her makeup using their new products.
Clothing snaps and styles.
They used the new Eyemazing Cosmeline produced by Jun Komori for this spread in the magazine, showing how to do oneesan style makeup with it. Sayaka is cheating though, she's wearing Diamond Lash in Cats and Cool eye!
Talking about some plastic surgery enhancements, including botox! Anyone who is in the 25-30 range shouldn't have to use this :'(

The rest of it was makeup heavy and also focused on the oneesan lifestyle, including taking care of kids and doing daily errands. Overall it's an interesting magazine, but I think these models try to age themselves too much at times D:


  1. Wow! That's so cool that your friend debuted in the magazine! She's really pretty! And very cute eye makeup in those tutorials! :]

    p.s. I've been wearing the lashes I received from you everyday since I got them hahaha...

  2. This sounds like my kinda magazine since I'm 26 now.

  3. I have that magazine too!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Alot of the Ageha models are in their mid to late 20s right? Haha, so I don't see the point of this magazine so much, since the makeup looks the same. But it is sad they are tell people in their 20s to get botox and become stay at home mom haha!

  5. Eii Agetha~ I love reading through them but >< I'm not that into some of the things they do honestly.

  6. @ l-article
    Yeah, she is so pretty! The eye makeup is a bit more grown up and elegant, so it definitely is pretty~

    Also I'm very glad you're enjoying the lashes from the giveawaY!!

    @ julitech
    bb we're getting so old now :'( I look at egg and feel old for being 21 :x

    @ Michi
    Yeah I noticed you got it too :D It's definitely very interesting.

    @ Saramari
    I know a couple of them are in their mid to late 20's (like Sakurina), but I think for the most part their models are in their late teens- mid 20's. I think it's going to be the magazine that the older models will move to, like Sayaka Araki just did.

    @ kotori
    Yeah some of the things they're doing is really weird and like I said, definitely ages them when they're not that old yet x_x But it's interesting to read and see! haha