Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Giveaways galore!

Just a reminder to my readers and anyone who comes across this that both of my giveaways end TOMORROW AT 5PM PST! If you haven't entered already please feel free to, and remember that posting about my giveaways will give you an extra entry to win!

And since I shouldn't be only throwing giveaways, here's a few that I'm entering that look pretty sweet!
Mitsu from Universal Doll is having her "Mitsu's Favorite Things Giveaway" going on right now with the only announced prizes as Diamond Lash in Celeb eye and an Alpaca plushie with more to be revealed in the future! If you're a reader of my blog, you know that I love the Celeb eye and did a review for them and also wore them in my profile picture! To enter click on the photo from her giveaway to get to the entry! I also credit Mitsu for giving me the inspiration to get into blogging :D
Hana from Finding Tokyo has her "New Year Giveaway" going on right now with a lot of secrets going on! I love Rilakkuma and new makeup so it should be good! Also a big thanks to Hana again for featuring my "Recession proof makeup" article on one of her recent weekly wrap ups, helping it to become the most popular article on my blog so far!

Also I guess it doesn't hurt to do a photo dump things from this month~

 At Disneyland's California Adventure where I lost to Tony by not a lot of points :( HE WILL PAY!!
 Glowjito and Digitini while waiting for Tony to come back with corndogs~
A fancy Coca Cola touch screen vending machine made specifically for Disneyland's ElecTRONica, which is similar to their Coca Cola Freestyle but they sell sleek bottles in this machine.
 The Hollywood Tower of Terror ride. This is one of our favorites but it was too cold outside to go on it :(
I was eying this Duffy plushie at California Adventure but didn't have the money to get it so Tony surprised me last night with it when he got home :D <3
 Amusing Engrish (especially on 109 brands) is amusing!

Now for food pictures! I've been in such a ramen mood this month because it's the right weather. Much to Tony's dismay, he's probably had his fix of Japanese food for the rest of the year all in this month :(
Gyoza and Strawberry chuuhai from Kairakutei. One of the things I missed from Japan was chuuhai, so I'm glad I can get it here :D Kairakutei is also located not too far from my house and is open until 10pm, which is super rare around here!
Miso-tonkotsu ramen. The bowl is a very good size (not too small, not too big) and is very affordable! Next time though I will ask for more chashu. Also not my favorite Miso-tonkotsu ramen (the best in OC is at Gomen).

Tony doing something funny with his chopsticks at Foo Foo Tei. I made a post about them previously here. If you like Tony's sweater you can buy it for that special guy in your life from Toddland (he works for them, shameless plug!)
Nanchatte ramen! I asked for extra chashu this time (you can't see it since I already dug in at this point) and it's sooooo yummy! Just thinking about this and their gyoza makes me drool.

Miso ramen from Santouka, a ramen food court staple here in California that is usually located in Mitsuwa locations. They're probably known for having one of the best ramen in the US, and I would have to agree it's pretty good but I'm more biased towards Gomen and Foo Foo Tei!

A couple of food truck eats:
Reuben sandwich from The Lime Truck, one of my favorite trucks especially because Tony and I are on a first-name basis with the crew!
Chicken satay skewers and Singaporean S'Mores from a new food truck down here, Chomp Chomp Nation. I love how the rice for the satay is broken up into cubes! Everything was delicious with great portions and incredibly affordable (the dessert was only $3.25!!)


  1. Womp womp gyaru. Womp womp food. Where the Disco NRG love?

  2. Ahh lovely pics, though they made me hungry hehe
    The Delyle Engirsh haaahahah XD XD

    and so many giveaways lately, its like Gyrau Xmas via Blogger hehe

  3. waaa everything looks so delicious!!!
    Want to try the one from the Singapore food truck so much!!