Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank you, Sara Mari!

If you haven't checked Sara Mari's newest post on Moments like Diamonds, she posted her updated link page. and I'm on it under Personal for the American region! Make sure to check out the link page as well to see other wonderful blogs :D

Also in other news I went to Mitsuwa today for lunch and swung by Sanseido to see if they had the December issues of the gal magazines. Indeed they did!
I grabbed Popteen, ageha, PopSister and egg this month!

Remember that once I hit 25 followers I will have a giveaway :D and I'll be posting some reviews/information about the new Diamond Lash/Beauty products in the future~


  1. SO JEALOUS OF THE MAGS!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to save the money for some Subscriptions its the only way I could get them....

    Can't wait for the reviews.

  2. They're so expensive too, pretty much $10 each :'( I can't even imagine how much they are with shipping!

    I probably need to limit them to 1-2 a month especially because I have to get tickets for NKOTBSB and Comicon at the end of the month D:

  3. ONLY TEN!! The only place I can get them is in Atlanta four hours away...most of them are at least 14 bucks...


  4. I remember when they used to be $6-7, before the yen got all strong :/ But I'm sorry they're $14 and in ATL! That's soooo expensive :'(

    Last Comicon I went to I was thisclose to meeting Zachary Quinto until security took him away! I want to meet him next time since I've met Chris Pine!!

  5. YOU'VE MET CHRIS PINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I STALK THAT MAN.....him and Karl Urban...when I saw who was in the new Trek movie I just about DIED!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sara Mari is great. That is cool that she has your blog in her list. Good luck with your blog :-)

  7. @ PeachPixie
    I met Chris twice when I went to see him do a play in LA :D He is SO gorgeous in person! If you look at my Flickr (on the side of my blog) you can see pictures I got of the cast when I went to the Critics Choice Movie Awards earlier this year! :D

    @ Sakie and Thomas Gantz
    Thank you for the follow and wishes!