Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Get better, Demi Lovato :'(

If you guys don't know, I'm a HUGE Disney Channel music geek! So I really love stuff by the Jonas Brothers, Miley, etc but no one compares to my baby girl, Demi Lovato!

I had the pleasure of meeting her during a meet & greet that was held in my town at Irvine Spectrum. She was really sweet and even asked for my name :') Ever since then it's been pretty much a love affair with her. I go to almost all of her LA area shows (I've missed 2 of them total from being out of town) and I'm pretty convinced she recognizes me, haha ;)

I guess it's headline news about her going into a treatment center for emotional issues. She's gone through a lot, especially this last year with one of her close friends dying and Joe Jonas breaking up with her. I'm not surprised that it finally came crashing down, but I didn't wish any harm on her at all at the same time. I love this girl so much, she sings well and has great messages in her lyrics. She makes me smile and her songs always bring me up when I'm feeling down.

Here's Demi performing one of my favorite songs of hers called "Stop The World":

Here's another of "Stop The World" from the Montreal stop on the Camp Rock 2 tour. I would've given an arm and a leg for her to do this song at my show (she did Catch Me instead, boo!), ESPECIALLY WITH NICK JONAS #%(&%#)&$_#$_#% *dies*

Get well, Demi-chan! Sending all of the love I can to you :)

Here's the last video, I promise! :)

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