Sunday, October 31, 2010

My first time doing "custom eyelashes"

Yeah I'll be doing a lot of posts about fake eyelashes, but I hope no one cares :P

There's been a big boom within the gyaru fashion magazines about making "custom lashes", which is basically putting pieces and parts of different lashes to make their own custom look. It's a great way to use lashes if they're on the verge of being thrown away or just to get creative!

The lashes I used were Diamond Lash's Dolly eye and a pair of eyelashes I bought in Chinatown during my trip to NYC. If you're curious, you can probably find similar ones by Darkness Eyelashes or by buying bulk sets of eyelashes off of eBay.

I didn't really do much except just literally glue them together. However if you do this, remember to bend your lashes a ton before applying them on! They'll stay straight and it'll be hard to bend them into place otherwise.
The preferred method on doing custom methods is gluing the layers separately onto your eye with tweezers, but for people with no time (or just finding shortcuts/lazy like me) it's easier to find a way to put them on easily with just your fingers.
This was the final result of putting them together, and I was very pleased! The volume was very dramatic and opened up my eyes, and you can tell there is a huge difference between using lashes and not.

I might do this more often, especially the lashes I use for everyday use that start to get ratty on me. :)

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  1. Me and a friend were just talking about this!! I love how they look!! I'm gonna have to try them out now.

    I surely don't mind you doing lash posts!!