Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hal Sparks @ The Improv Brea, CA 10/17/10

Tony and I went to see Hal Sparks perform a comedy act at The Improv in Brea, CA. It was great to see him on his last night of his stint there, as I haven't seen Hal personally since 6 years ago! Backtracking to 6 years ago, I went to a fan meet up for him when I just turned 15. We celebrated his birthday, ate lunch and dinner, saw him and his band perform in a music studio and at The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA. For his birthday that year I got him CDs from X-Japan and Glay to diversify his musical tastes.
This was the first comedy show I've ever been to, since I just turned 21 last month (most comedy clubs have a restriction of 21+ here). I definitely have wanted to see Hal do a live comedy show since I couldn't attend the one from 6 years ago, but especially after watching his Showtime special Charmageddon. I definitely recommend it if you like a comedian that makes sense :')
Crappy outfit shot while waiting outside to be seated. Wanted to wear pumps but it was raining, which is why I wore boots. :(
Dinner! We both had burgers and 2 cocktails. Was very surprised that the food and drinks were quite good for a place like this :)
We ate dinner at the theater in order to get a really good seat (first row!), and we were surprised most people who go to comedy shows don't like sitting in the front row because they don't want to get called out by the comedian. Comedians have to read the audiences really well and will pick apart people at times! One of the comedians on before Hal made a song based on the people sitting at the table next to us, just lucky it wasn't about us :')
When Hal came on everyone went crazy (well duh, he's the headliner!) and he was great as always. I couldn't tell you about any jokes off hand, except that he knows that he has a very long tongue and is very proud of his 2010 Honda Shadow Phantom.
Hal and I
So after the show I decided to go meet Hal again! I told him that I had met him 6 years ago and went to his birthday party and gave him some J-Rock CDs. To his surprise, he actually remembered the CDs! He even said that he has them on his iPod, so I'm glad to know that it went to good use :') Definitely recommend people going to see him if he's anywhere around you, and his calendar is on his website!

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