Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cooking, The Lime Truck & Blackmarket Bakery + Marion Crepes @ Mitsuwa's Fall Gourmet Festival

My microwave at my house broke over 2 weeks ago, and the people who were supposed to fix it flaked on us and finally came on Friday (yesterday) and told us we needed a new one. Gee thanks for being obvious! So now it's going to take LONGER for them to come because of the weekend. T_T

I've been eating out too much so on Thursday I made myself probably the easiest thing without the use of a microwave, Spaghetti.
My favorite Spaghetti sauce, which I buy from Mitsuwa for about $2-3. It's the perfect portion for 2 people :)

I got a little bit of inspiration from this Cooking with Dog YouTube channel video:

From around 2:47-3:00 the chef does an amazing technique with the spaghetti, so I tried it out!
And yes, it totally worked :D I didn't get a video or other photos of me doing it though, so you'll just have to assume from there on that I did it!
Like Francis, my dog is also a black toy poodle! Her name is Fuzzy.
Friday I skipped my classes at school because I woke up feeling horrible. Not to worry, I turned in my homework beforehand!
When I started to feel slightly better, I met up at Blackmarket Bakery to have The Lime Truck for lunch with Tony. I had Pizza Bombas while Tony got the Yum Yum lamb sandwich, and Daniel (the owner) tried to get our names from his memory since we eat from them so often but he didn't get it right! LOL but he knows now for future reference. As always, thanks to Daniel and Jason for being so awesome!
We've never been to the Blackmarket Bakery before, but I've heard lots of good things about them before so we went in before Tony had to go back to work.
The only one I've had so far was the Cabernet brownie, which was SO AWESOME! It's expensive but totally worth the price if you love rich and velvety brownies. We're actually going back today because there's going to be more Food trucks and giveaways.
After Tony went back to work, I drove the short distance to Mitsuwa to have Marion Crepes. Here's some photos that I took of them :D

The line for the okonomiyaki line was ridiculous, but luckily I don't like eating okonomiyaki that much anyways so I just got crepes! I got a #9, which is the Banana Chocolate Special (with vanilla ice cream). The sizes are the same as they are in Harajuku, which is a plus because the other Japanese style crepes you can find in Southern California are HUGE! This small size was definitely welcome because I had just eaten my lunch from The Lime Truck about 30 minutes before.
I also stopped by the market to pick up some Shrimp Tempura musubi (I'm addicted to these things) and a Mango Creamy Soda.
I also caved in and bought these:
I know they're the eyelashes used by most models now, but they're so damn expensive here! I paid $16.99 for them, but they do feel pretty nice. I might do a review for them in the future.

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